Black Friday? Blue Friday!

Black Friday? Blue Friday!

It was always going to be a different Black Friday, in a year that's been dominated by a global health crisis. Before the pandemic started, this year was going to be the one when we finally took Climate Change and Plastic Pollution seriously. Things have changed, but we remain true to our values.

TAPP Water was born to fight plastic pollution. As the Ellen McArthur Foundation says, we did this through Upstream Innovation. That is “treating the root cause of a problem, rather than the symptoms”, which “is fundamental to finding a solution that truly tackles the issue”.

As an online-sales based company, we depend on sales to achieve our mission: eliminating bottled water. However, TAPP Water also stands for conscious consumption.

How could we pair these two in Black Friday?

This 2020 we have found our Black Friday balance; it is a Blue Friday, and we are doing it in collaboration with The Gravity Wave. TGW is a Spanish start-up who, like us, are fighting plastic pollution. Working with traditional fishermen, they are picking up thousands of kilos of plastic out of the Mediterranean sea. These fishermen have for years been fishing plastic out of the sea and didn’t know what to do with it. The Gravity Wave now pays them for it and is recycling as much as 90% of this plastic so it has a second life.

This year, for every TAPP Water filter you buy during our Blue Friday campaign, we will be taking 1 kg of plastic out of the Mediterranean Sea together with The Gravity Wave. Care to join us in this wave?

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