Christmas infused water recipe

7 December, 2018 Joan leave a comment

This Christmas we’d like to offer you a Christmas infused water recipe. A mix of fruits & flowers with the scents of the holidays!

It’s super easy to prepare it and you can do it in a big dose. Keep it in a cool and dry place (away from light and heat) and you can use it until next Cristmas.

First let’s see the ingredients:

Hibiscus flowers Sweet orange zest Rose petals Chopped almonds Cardamom seeds Cloves Vanilla Filtered tap water

The quantities of the ingredients could be made to fit to your own taste!

To prepare the infusion, simply pour the hot water over the mix described above (one tablespoon for 200ml) and leave it to brew for 5 mins … Read more…

Best water to grow organic cannabis in soil

30 May, 2018 Yohann Bensadoun leave a comment

There is literally nothing more important than having the adequate water to grow organic cannabis. In this article, we will focus on growing organic cannabis, in the soil – which doesn’t require the same water as with other methods.

Without water, your cannabis plant would not be able to get the right nutrients. Water takes nutrients and oxygen through your plant. Having the right water, adequate to your growing method is what will determine whether your plant will grow.


pH is what defines how acidic or alkaline your water is, 0 being the most acid, and 14 the most alkaline. Neutral water is at 7. Most cannabis growers will spend a lot of time focusing on pH, as cannabis grows best within the … Read more…

How to make the perfect lemonade drink for the Lemon Water Diet? And other beverages for the detox

30 May, 2018 Yohann Bensadoun leave a comment

Lemon water diet, although not a new detox, has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. The lemon water diet consists in eliminating solid foods and cleansing your body from toxins.

Replacing all solid foods means one thing: going a water-based diet. The lemon water diet is usually accompanied by two other beverages: a salt water flush, and a herbal laxative tea.

While this article is not intended to give instruction on how to run your diet – you should make sure you are in the right physical conditions – we want to share our tips on how to make the most delicious lemon water, salt water flush and peppermint tea.

The Water

The water that you use is key in … Read more…

What is the best Coffee to Water ratio?

30 May, 2018 Yohann Bensadoun leave a comment

Coffee: the morning fuel. It is such a basic drink, made out of only 2 ingredients: water and coffee beans. Yet, coffee comes in all sizes, colors, strengths. There is a world of variety between roasts. No matter what your preference is, there is no right or wrong answer.

You’ve decided to brew your own coffee, you a pat on the shoulder. Did you know that only 7% of to-go cups end up being recycled? Homebrewing is the best way to start avoid using single-use plastic. Use a reusable coffee mug, and … Read more…

Apple and cinnamon infused water (recipe)

31 October, 2017 Erik leave a comment

It is apple season! Yellow, green, red… you go to the supermarket and you find apples of all shapes and colors. Well, here is the good news: apples are great for boosting your metabolism and getting rid of toxins.

And there are more ways to benefit from their properties than making an apple pie our sauce: preparing your own apple infused water. And, if you add cinnamon, on top of adding extra flavor, it will help lower your blood sugar level.

Please bear in mind that the ingredients take between 2 to 4 hours to properly infuse, so make sure you prepare it in advance.

Ingredients and machinery: 1 liter of filtered water 1 sliced apple* 1 cinnamon stick* 1 … Read more…

Detox cucumber and lime infused water Recipe

16 October, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Although autumn is already here, October is always a month with changing weather and there are still some days of heat. These days are perfect for a refreshing cucumber and lime infused water to wake up in the morning full of energy.

This recipe should be prepared ideally the night before to let the ingredients infuse.

It can be kept in the fridge overnight for extra freshness (our recommended option) in the morning or left covered on the kitchen counter and be drank at room temperature.

Ingredients and machinery:

1 liter of filtered water 1/4 cucumber* 1/2 lime* 1 glass jar (1L capacity)

* Try to buy these ingredients package-free, from local producers and grown without pesticides.

Cucumber & lime water … Read more…

How to prepare a calming chamomile and mint infused water

5 September, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Coming back from the summer holidays and getting back to a more normal rhythm can be a challenge.

We hope to help you out a little by sharing this recipe of a calming chamomile and mint infused water that will make you ready to sleep like a baby.

This recipe is very easy and takes almost no time to prepare. But bear in mind that you need to prepare it 3-4h (minimum) before going to bed in order to let the ingredients infuse.

Ingredients and machinery: 1 liter of filtered water 1 spoonful/bag of chamomile* tea 1 lemon* 1 handful of fresh mint* 1 infuser (if the chamomile is in bulk instead of in a tea bag) 1 glass jar … Read more…


Fresh & natural kiwi infused water to quench your thirst this summer (recipe)

26 July, 2017 Erik leave a comment

We know that in summer we are supposed to drink much more water in order to stay hydrated. But sometimes it might seem a little bit boring to drink plain water, especially when living in a region where tap water does not taste great. This is why we have decided to share an easy and quick recipe for a naturally sweet and delicious fresh kiwi infused water, that will not only clench your thirst and hydrate you: it is also a delicious pleasure!

This recipe is for approximately 8 glasses and will take you 5 minutes to prepare. Even less the more you practice 🙂

Ingredients and machinery: 7-8 kiwis (ideally ripe, local and organic) 8 glasses of filtered water … Read more…