5 Eco-friendly items to take with you on vacation

5 Eco-friendly items to take with you on vacation

Going on holiday is often the chance to relax and enjoy a new city and discover new cultures. But not being at home, often means having to spend money buying non-eco-friendly, non-recyclable products which could have a negative environmental impact.

Portable Water Filter: Faucet mount faucet filters such as TAPP 2, take up very little space and can fit practically any standard faucet. You should not have to pay a premium for single-use water bottles which might end up in the sea. If you are traveling to a country where water is drinkable – which is most of Europe, the US/Canada and parts of Asia/Australia – but aren’t sure about the taste, lead and/or other potential contaminants as a result of the distribution – then a portable water filter like TAPP 2 could be the product for you. It’s eco-friendly, and refill cartridges can be disposed of with organic waster.

Reusable bottle: Now that you’ve installed your portable water filter in your hotel bathroom or Airbnb kitchen, use it to refill water bottles. Buy a reusable one and stop spending money on single-use bottles. There are many alternatives to choose from, ranging from $5-20USD. If you run out of water on the go, try using the TAPP Water app to find the closest refill station near you.

Cutlery and containers: This is something you might already be doing at home, but if you eat to-go food, chances are they will be serving it in a mountain of single-use plastic. If you don’t cook, or eat at a restaurant – bring your own containers and ask to use them instead of plastic. You can even use them as storage for small items or gifts on your return home.

100ml travel containers: If you are not checking in any luggage, you’re probably taking a carry-on bag. If you are taking a carry-on bag, you are limited to 100ml per liquid container. Instead of buying single-use smaller shampoo packs, fill your small reusable containers which any liquid you might need.

Power banks: Now that is probably the most useful and often forgotten item! Whether it’s while waiting for your plane, or taking pictures around a new city – you will need to ensure your mobile device can last. Traditional power banks (although recyclable) need to be brought to a special center, which can be inconvenient. Getting a power bank which reuses traditional AA rechargeable batteries, means you will be able to dispose of the batteries at traditional battery collection points. You can then put the plastic part in with plastic waste.

Enjoy your vacation, and remember: Refuse, Reuse, Recycle

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