WINTER SALES ❄️ Get 15% OFF your first purchase

WINTER SALES ❄️ Get 15% OFF your first purchase

WINTER SALES ❄️ Get 15% OFF your first purchase

The water that offers most benefits
TAPP Water comes top!


Life is easier with TAPP Water

  • Quick and easy to install: attach it to your tap and start drinking!
  • Instantly filtered water: fill a glass in seconds.
  • Easily switch from unfiltered to filtered tap water.
  • Only change the filter cartridge once every 3 months.


15 times more economical

A litre of bottled water costs
about 0.30€. With TAPP Water you only
pay 0.02€!
What's more, every year that you stay with us
you'll pay a little less.
With TAPP Water the savings are guaranteed!


Pure water for every member of the household

With TAPP Water you'll be taking care of yourself and your entire family (pets included!).
We remove even the tiniest particles while preserving all your water's healthy minerals.

Enjoy healthy water free of impurities and contaminants at home.


Good for you and good for the planet

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and to all the pollution they cause in our oceans and environment.
By using filter water you're doing your bit to protect our planet.
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