There are a lot of myths related to tap water and bottled water. Here are the top 3 debunked:

1. Bottled water is better than tap water

agua de botella vs agua del grifo

Thanks to decades of myth-building, the common belief is that bottled water is better than tap water.

This is not true.

In Western Europe about 99% of public tap water is potable (drinkable according to EU and WHO guidelines). The only drawback in some places is poor taste and smell, mainly due to hardness, minerals and higher concentration of chlorine (used for disinfection purposes). There is no scientific proof that bottled water is healthier than tap water.

2. Bottled water is much safer than tap water

agua de botella vs agua del grifo


Tap water is strictly regulated. The water in Barcelona, Spain for example, undergoes 527 checks every day, and that’s actually more than bottled water. There is once again no scientific evidence that bottled water is safer.

2. Bottled water is fine as long as bottles are recycled

agua de botella vs agua del grifo


The issue is not just the plastic waste but the entire value chain of water bottles. From production to distribution, the process of generating bottled water in plastic is unsustainable. 3 liter of water is needed in average to produce one liter of bottled water when including production of plastic, transportation, filtering and filling up the bottles.

Summary: Bottled water is not healthier or safer. In addition to this, the value chain of plastic water bottles has a big environmental footprint.

We hope this post about bottled water vs tap water was helpful and informative.

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