Can i drink water in…?

Can I drink the tap water in Germany?

14 March, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Yes, tap water is the safest and most controlled  beverage/food product in Germany. Many German cities including Berlin and Munich brag about the quality of their tap water which often comes from the same source as mineral water. 

Therefore the consumption of bottled water in Germany is surprising. On average, every citizen drinks around 147 liters of mineral water per year. In 1970 it was just 12.5 liters.

Nonetheless, according to water research by OrbMedia; microplastics were found in 72% of all tap water in Europe, including Germany. Chlorine added to the water for disinfection can bring an unwanted taste or smell, and its byproducts have been identified as cancerogenous. A simple, affordable and high quality carbon block filter … Read more…

Can I drink the tap water in Barcelona?

12 March, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Yes, you can drink the tap water in the Barcelona but how good is it really for your health? Many locals and visitors typically comment: “Have you tasted and smelled it?”

So what’s the truth? Are there any risks and what can you do to improve quality and taste? The short answer is that although  there may be some risks with drinking tap water but bottled water is worse. Find out why below and what is the best alternative.

Where does the tap water in Barcelona come from?

Tap water in Barcelona comes from two rivers, Ter and Llobregat. In addition to this Barcelona has one of Europe’s largest desalinization plants with a capacity of up to 20% of the … Read more…

us tap water

Can I drink the US tap water?

4 March, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Is US tap water – Safe to drink?

Before deep-diving in to this topic the general answer is yes.

Most tap water quality provided by local municipaltiies in the United States is of high international standard and healthy and safe to drink. In rural areas and houses with private wells there are a lot more challenges.

There is a lot about the health impact of tap water that we simply don’t know yet.  What we do know though is that bottled water is not the solution. There is no evidence that bottled water is healthier than tap water and the plastic waste from bottles is unsustainable.

The best solution in case the water doesn’t taste great and to … Read more…

Agua de grifo en Madrid

Can I drink the tap water in Madrid?

6 February, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Tap water in Madrid – and Spain overall – is safe to drink. It actually ranks at the top of Spain’s cities with the best tap water, with minimal contamination level. The only issues known risks are microplastics, possible contamination from the pipes and that it might taste bad in some areas. But this does not mean that it poses any dangers.

Why are people afraid of tap water?

It is understandable that people are concerned about tap water. If it’s contaminated you could get a fair number of tricky diseases. Did you know that you could get Hepatitis A by drinking water infected with fecal matter which is common for well water? It can be a microscopic bit, but it will … Read more…

Singapore Tap Water and Skyline

Can I drink the tap water in Singapore?

28 January, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Can I Drink Tap Water in Singapore?

This is a legit question, if you live in or planning to travel to Singapore. And the answer is positive: yes, you can drink tap water in Singapore. In fact, according to official sources, on the Asian continent, Singapore is one of the few countries where the tap water is safe for drinking, alongside Hong Kong, Brunei, Israel, South Korea, and Japan.

In spite of this, most people drink bottled water or boil their tap water before drinking it. But this isn’t because Singapore tap water is unsafe, but merely because this used to be a local practice, as, in the past, the tap water wasn’t safe to drink. There are also … Read more…

tap water in spain

Can I drink the tap water in Spain?

25 January, 2019 Erik leave a comment

Yes, at least 99.5% of all public tap water in Spain is safe to drink and complies with  international water quality standards. But there are issues such as taste, chlorine by-products, microplastics and local pipe contaminants.

Therefore it can be a good idea to use a portable and easy to install water filter in Spain such as TAPP. This has the bonus of saving money and reducing plastic waste.

There is no evidence that bottled water is safer or healthier so whether you live or visit Spain avoid bottled water if you can.

Tap water in Spain

Before Spain joined the EU in 1986, the country was torn by the after effects of the civil war. Subsequently investments in … Read more…

Can I drink Hong Kong tap water

Can I drink the tap water in Hong Kong?

21 January, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Yes, you can drink the tap water in Hong Kong. The water treatment in Hong Kong matches that of the US and Western European countries and WHO standards. The main risk is contaminants from pipes in older buildings and unregulated contaminants such as microplastics.

Therefore, Hong Kong residents living in older buildings or that simply want to reduce risk may want to use a water filter.

For tourists visiting and staying in hotels (especially those built in the past 20 years) tap is most likely safer than bottled water.

Below we will explore why.

Where does the water come from?

Hong Kong doesn’t have enough fresh water supply on the islands so therefore 80-90% of the water supply is imported … Read more…

Agua en Málaga

Can I drink tap water in Málaga?

6 January, 2019 Erik leave a comment

Yes, you can drink the tap water in Malaga. The tap water in Malaga and surrounding areas is safe and healthy to drink.

Many people choose bottled water due to taste preference. However, there is no scientific evidence that bottled water is healthier. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, try an affordable water filter such as TAPP 2.

Here’s a short comparison between tap and other sources of drinking water.

Tap water in Málaga

Malaga’s tap water which is of high quality comes from two sources. During most of the year it comes from reservoirs but in the summer and during droughts, this is complemented by desalinated water.

The water is tested every day according to … Read more…