Microplastics in water

How to filter and remove microplastics from tap water

23 October, 2018 Erik leave a comment

Maybe you have read lately the recent news that 93% of bottled water around the world and 92% of tap water is contaminated with microplastics. A recent report also concludes that most human poo contains microplastics and we have no idea what the impact of this is on humans. 

The two studies of of bottled water and tap water by Orb Media are the largest of their kind. Orb Media analyzed 250 bottles from 9 different countries around the globe. An average of 40 plastic particles per gallon, each larger than the width of a human hair, were found in bottled water.

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best water filters

Best Drinking Water Filters 2018

1 October, 2018 Erik leave a comment

What drinking water filter should you buy in 2018? 2017 was a year when interest in drinking water gathered pace. Tap water issues were reported by EWG and EPA in the US and similar organisations around Europe. Plastic pollution in our oceans and nature was elevated as a global crisis. Testing by Orbs across 4 continents even found microplastics in 83% of all tap water samples.

For many people it was an eye opener and interest in water filters is at an all time high.

Here’s a top list of the best water filters to buy in 2018:

1. Mitte counter-top filter

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Water purifier at home

Do I need a water purifier for healthy drinking water?

17 August, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

Do you need a water purifier for healthy drinking water?

Tap water that comes from the public water supplier is highly regulated and therefore generally safe to drink in Europe. But what about the tap water that comes out of your faucet? Should we worry about it.

Ageing Water Infrastructure

In Europe, clean drinking water is generally available from the tap. However, the drinking water infrastructure is ageing across many countries, resulting in potential loss of quality levels of the water supply and sanitation services, leakage and spilling of water and broken or blocked wastewater pipes that can cause discharge of untreated sewage into local waterways (ref 1). Some segments of Europe’s 7 million+  … Read more…

TAPP 2 Smart Biodegradable Water Filter

People everywhere are saving money and the planet with this product

13 August, 2018 Yohann Bensadoun leave a comment

This year we consumed more than 250 Bn single-use plastic bottles worldwide. Of which less than 10% were recycled. Europeans now buy more bottled water than soda despite the fact that we have drinkable tap water.

Consumers are buying, lifting, consuming and disposing of single-use bottles. For this, they pay 500 times more than tap water. As if this wasn’t enough 90% of bottled water contains microplastics, plastic leaches into the water and our bodies get contaminated with BPA and phthalates of which we don’t yet understand the long-term impact.

Furthermore, most of the plastic ends up in landfills where it breaks down into microplastics that end up in the groundwater, rivers and eventually the oceans polluting all living organisms.

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What’s healthier – Bottled, filtered or tap water?

6 July, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

Is filtered water healthier than tap water and bottled water? What are the benefits of filtered water vs bottled water? We decided to compare the three and find a scientific answer to the questions. The study is based on Europe for the purpose of simplification but will also be valid in many other regions of the world. For US information change language.

This article is an extensive piece of research. If you don’t care about all the details then fee free to skip to the conclusion at the end. Also read our shorter article about bottled water vs tap water.

Nutrients in water

Before looking at the individual sources of drinking water it’s important to understand what the potential nutrition … Read more…

Water filter for London

Buy a water filter for London

14 May, 2018 Yohann Bensadoun leave a comment

Looking for a water filter for London water? Want clean and better-tasting water without contaminants like lead and microplastics? What kind of filter do you need what are the most affordable options?

Do you need a water filter for London?

London generally offers good quality tap water to households. However, more and more people are concerned about potential contaminants such as lead, pesticides, microplastics, and byproducts from Chlorine. Others simply don’t like the taste of tap water.

What about bottled water?

The most common substitute to tap water is bottled water but according to recent research over 90% of all bottled water contains microplastics and some brands as many as 30,000 pieces per litre.

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Guy showing how to save money with a water filter

Save money with water filters

10 May, 2018 Erik leave a comment

Want to know how to save money with water filters?

Clearly the best and cheapest option is to drink the tap water directly. However, not everyone lives in an area where the tap water is good for drinking and showering. Thankfully you may actually save money by investing in a water filter for your faucet or shower.

It’s easy to save money with water filters.

For drinking water the cost of a faucet water filter such as TAPP 1 or TAPP 2 is about €60-80 per year for a household of 2-4 people versus the average spend of €200-400 on bottled water. I.e. most people will get the money back on a water filter investment from the 4th month.

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Why you may want to use a shower filter?

8 May, 2018 Erik leave a comment

Most of us shower at least once per day with the belief that it’s good for our health and beauty. Actually, we might think that if we would know the difference it makes and the shower filter benefits.

Whereas there is limited scientific evidence that chlorine in drinking water bad for your health it is more when it comes to showering. Even professionals at the municipal water companies will admit the risks with hot showers as the water vaporises and forms THMs.

There are sever shower filter benefits.

There is a range of side effects associated with showering with chlorinated water including: Dry or irritated skin Hair that is brittle, dry or frizzy Hair loss Red or irritated eyes Irritated sinuses … Read more…