Global bottled water production

How many people consume bottled water globally?

29 October, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

How many people consume bottled water globally? The bottled water market globally is rapidly growing with approximate 600 million households consuming bottled water in 2018. That’s more than 391 Billion litres of water per year or 1 million bottles per minute.

As a consequence our oceans are literary swimming in plastic. swimming in plastic trashswimming in plastic trash

And despite initiatives around the world to reduce plastic waste, … Read more…

Sustainable kitchen

4 Tips for a sustainable kitchen

18 July, 2018 Erik leave a comment

There are four essential things that will make a kitchen more sustainable.

Food and packaging waste, water consumption, energy consumption and materials. Here are some easy and slightly harder things you can do to make your kitchen sustainable.

1. Cook energy efficient If you’re buying new, try purchasing second hand and prioritize energy efficient equipment. The best option for cooking with electricity is induction, which is 84-percent efficient, compared to the 40-percent efficiency of gas. Ceramic glass cooktops with halogen elements are a close second as both options deliver heat almost instantaneously, reducing wasted energy.

If you don’t want or need to replace the stove then invest in high-quality cookware with sturdy bottoms. Glass and ceramic are more efficient in the … Read more…

10 Things you didn’t know about bottled water in the U.S

5 July, 2018 Yohann Bensadoun leave a comment

There are a lot of myths and urban legends about tap and bottled water. Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know.

93% of bottled water contains microplastics More than ¼ of bottled water is just municipal tap waterRead more…

Is filtered water healthier than bottled water?

5 July, 2018 Erik leave a comment

Is filtered water healthier than tap water and bottled water? Or is bottled water the healthiest option? We decided to compare the three and find a scientific answer to the question. The study is based on Europe and North America for the purpose of simplification but will also be valid in many other regions of the world.

This article is an extensive piece of research

Nutrients in water

Before looking at the individual sources of drinking water it’s important to understand what the potential nutrition contribution of drinking water is. Many people consume mineral waters because of the perception that they may be more healthful but are they?

WHO held a conference in 2005 with experts from around the world to investigate. … Read more…

How can you help reduce plastic pollution?

18 May, 2018 Erik leave a comment

“What CFCs were to the ozone layer in the 1970s, plastic marine litter is now to the ocean.”

– Surfrider Foundation & UCLA Wells Environmental Law Clinic


Plastic is an amazing material for making things and packaging to keep food and drinks fresh. But unfortunately there’s a backside.

Over the past couple of years awareness of the issues with plastic pollution in our oceans have increased but most people still don’t know how bad it is. Actually, the plastic pollution in one of the biggest threads for our oceans.

Here are a few key facts.

Plastic in our oceans Plastic is the most common type of marine litter worldwide. Plastic is listed as the number … Read more…

5 easy ways for you to reduce plastic waste

2 April, 2018 Yohann Bensadoun leave a comment

With the growing threat of plastic pollution to oceans, rivers, lakes and even tap water you might want to help contribute to reducing plastic waste. Zero waste is very hard but reducing your plastic footprint by 80% can be relatively easy and have a positive long-term impact.

Here are 5 easy ways you can help:

1) Avoid bottled water

Plastic bottles are the most common garbage found in the ocean. Contribute by saying no to single-use plastic entirely at home, in restaurants and while traveling.

If you don’t like the taste of the tap water at home or you’re concerned about the quality then get an affordable water filter such as TAPP.

When you’re on the go always bring a … Read more…

5 ways you can help save the planet in 2018

23 January, 2018 Erik leave a comment

2017 had its ups and downs when it comes to world politics and the environment. But stop blaming others and take action.

Here are 5 tips of things you can do in 2018 that will save the planet and even save you money without too much effort.

5 tips to save the planet: Transport

Rethink travel to work, school, friends, shopping, etc. Walk or bicycle whenever possible, take the train or bus instead of the car or motorcycle, switch to electric or hybrid when possible. Reduce the CO2 footprint and maybe get some free exercise. Spend the next holiday discovering your surroundings and cut down on travel by plane.


Change the lightbulbs at home to LEDs, connect to a … Read more…

The best healthy and environmentally friendly green gifts for Christmas and New Year’s

19 December, 2017 Jeff Tapp Water leave a comment

Looking for green gifts for your loved ones? Perfect! Here are a couple of water related gift suggestions from the TAPP Water team:

1. TAPP Water Filter

green gifts: a water filtergreen gifts: a water filter

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. A water filter that anyone can install themselves in the kitchen.

Throughout the year the … Read more…