Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Before talking about Europe’s best waterfalls, here at TAPP Water, we are firmly convinced that water means life, and that consuming filtered tap instead of bottled water is an important step forward on the road towards a more sustainable way of life. 

At the same time, we know that water is so much more than just drinking water. That is why we are launching this new series of water-related blog posts, in an effort to underline the beauty of a unique planet you can help preserve by opting for an eco-friendlier lifestyle. 

Our first post in this series will be focused on some of the most impressive waterfalls you can find in Europe. For us they are Europe’s best waterfalls. How many have you visited? Do you agree with our selection?

Europe’s best waterfalls: #10 – Cascade de l’Arpenaz (France)

Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Height: 366m; Haute-Savoie (Rhône-Alpes)

We start with the first of Europe best waterfalls. Located in the French Alps, the Arpenaz Waterfall is among the highest in France, and one of the most easily accessible ones on this list. What makes this waterfall a unique experience is, apart from its astounding height, the outstanding mountain scenery surrounding it.

#9 – Rhine Falls/Rheinfall (Switzerland)

Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Height: 23m; Schaffhausen & Zürich cantons

The thunderous, segmented Rhine Falls, located in northern Switzerland, will wow you more with the width of their base (150m) than the height of the falls (23m). Landscape painter JMW Turner as well as Frankenstein author Mary Shelley were deeply impressed and inspired after visiting the falls.

#8 – Skógafoss (Iceland)

Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Height: 60m; Suðurland

Located near the by now infamous Eyjafjallajökull in Southern Iceland, Skógafoss is a must-see for all travellers to this land of volcanoes and waterfalls. Tall, perfectly shaped and deafeningly loud, it stands as a textbook example of a waterfall. So much, actually, that it recently served as a filming location for several Hollywood productions, including Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

#7 – Henfallet (Norway)

Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Height: 90m; Sør-Trøndelag (Trøndelag)

Henfallet stands as the tallest waterfall in central Norway, a two hour-drive from Trondheim and not too far from the border with Sweden. Its impressive height will awe you just as much as its voluminous body and the wildly natural scenery Henfallet is located in.

#6 – Monasterio de Piedra (Spain)

Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Height: -; Zaragoza (Aragón)

The Monasterio de Piedra is actually a park complex in the northern Spanish province of Zaragoza which boasts a multitude of picturesque waterfalls, lakes, caves and monastery ruins. Among the park’s most noteworthy waterfalls are the Cascada Trinidad, the Cascada La Caprichosa as well as the Cascada Iris.

#5 – Gaping Gill/Ghyll (United Kingdom)
Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Height: -; North Yorkshire (England)

Located in North Yorkshire, Gaping Gill is the name of a famous cavern as well as the waterfalls it contains. At the same time, it is probably also the least accessible falls on the list, as after a rather strenuous hike, you’ll have to winch into a dark cave, and this only if the weather conditions allow for it (you know, the weather in Britain…). A hugely rewarding experience, but one for the hard-boiled adventurers among you.

#4 – Gullfoss (Iceland)

Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Height: 32m; Suðurland

Being part of the so-called Golden Circle (along with Geysir and Þingvellir), Gullfoss is a likely contender for the title of Iceland’s most famous waterfall. Tiered into two separate drops (of 11m and 21m resp.), Gullfoss powerfully thunders into a misty abyss, its spray frequently creating picturesque rainbows across the gorge. This is one of our favourites in this list of Europe’s best waterfalls. 

#3 – Langfoss (Norway)

Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Height: 612m; Hordaland (Vestlandet)

Langfoss, one of the tallest waterfalls in the world, is a domineering and awe-inspiring presence in the western Norwegian Åkrafjorden. So much actually that CNN/Budget Travel named it one of the Europe’s ten most beautiful waterfalls in 2011. We would definitely concur!

#2 – Plitvice Waterfalls (Croatia)

Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Height: 78m (Veliki slap) + 25m (Galovački buk); Karlovac County (Central Croatia)

Continuing with the Europe’s best waterfalls post, the Plitvice Lakes National Park in central Croatia is home to lush sceneries of vegetation as well as a wide range of bodies of water, from crystal clear lakes to picturesque cataracts. The two most notable waterfalls are probably Galovački buk, located at the Upper Lakes, and Veliki slap at the Lower Lakes.

#1 – Dettifoss (Iceland)

Europe’s Best Waterfalls

Height: 44m; Norðurland eystra

Set in a lunar landscape and at 100 meters wide, few sights are as awe-inspiring and majestic as Dettifoss, Europe’s most powerful waterfall located in northeastern Iceland. Every second, 500 m3 (yes, that’s 500000 liters) thunder down a 44 meter deep gorge in an ear-battering manner that will leave no visitor indifferent (or dry). Beware of slippery edges though!

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