Looking for green gifts for your loved ones? Perfect!

Here are a couple of water related green gifts for Christmas suggestions from the TAPP Water team:

1. TAPP Water Filter

green gifts: a water filter

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. A water filter that anyone can install themselves in the kitchen.

Throughout the year the recipient of the gift will reduce plastic waste, drink fresh clean water, avoid carrying heavy bottles and save money.
Choose between:
TAPP 1 (60 €/year) – 2-3 days delivery
TAPP 2 (from 79 €) –   2-3 days delivery
2. Refillable Bottle by Retap
green gifts: retap bottle
Is your friend or family member still buying bottled water or reusing PET bottles? We feel for you.
Give away a beautiful and practical bottle.
3. Sodastream for home-made sparkling water

green gifts: sodastream

For many people, sparkling water is the best way to quench the thirst and get hydrated after a run, work in the garden or simply watching television. And yes, it’s certainly much better than sugary soda drinks.

With a Sodastream, anyone can make sparkling water in seconds while saving money and reducing waste.
Sodastream (no longer available)
4. Nozzle Super water saver

green gifts: nozzle

With the little Nozzle attached to the kitchen or bathroom faucet, your household can save a lot of water and reduce the energy bill. Great gift for a water wasting partner, friend or family with kids.

Nozzle by Altered  (from €30)
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