TAPP 1 – What does the active carbon filter remove?

TAPP 1 – What does the active carbon filter remove?

There are several types of water filters you can use at home. Some such as limescale-softening agents, active carbon and reverse osmosis devices are quite well-known. However, they also have some disadvantages. A reverse osmosis filter, for instance, tends to be quite costly to buy, install and maintenance and carafe filters may lack the efficiency in removing impurities from the water.

This is why we created TAPP 1.

TAPP 1 is a simple but smart tap filter that solves these challenges. Not only does it remove water impurities very quickly and efficiently, it is also significantly cheaper than others, at merely 39 €. The cartridge needs to be changed only every 3 months, at a cost of 15 € per refill (cartridges are sold in sets of two at 30 € each 6 months).

 Filtered tap water with TAPP 1 is about 130 times cheaper than bottled water. As each TAPP 1 cartridge has a lifetime of about 1500 liters, this means that you can avoid up to 1000 plastic bottles from being produced and ultimately disposed.

Below you will find a brief description of the impurities TAPP 1 removes from the tap water and some of the other advantages it can offer you:

TAPP 1 – What does the active carbon filter remove?We hope that the above information has been helpful in explaining how TAPP 1 works and what it can do for you. In any case, just have a look at the rest of our website and you will find more in-depth information about our products. In case you’re already convinced, here you have the link to get TAPP 1 right away.

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