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TAPP Water Investor Relations

Our mission

Single-use plastic bottles and the production of bottled water are polluting our ecosystems, endangering marine life, and contaminating the food chain.

Our mission is to create sustainable, affordable and convenient badass products that eliminate the need for bottled water.

We empower individuals to change their consumption habits, and raise awareness on the impact of our everyday decisions.

5 year goal

Our plan is to have over 10 million customers avoiding 10 billion bottles of plastic by 2024. As a result of this we will also be creating a profitable billion euro business.

To achieve our mission we need amazing investors and partners throughout the world.

We already have a proven product and business plan. Now it’s all about scaling through amazing people, innovation and building a strong brand.

Why invest in TAPP Water?

TAPP Water tackles one of the biggest challenges in the world today. Access to clean drinking water. More important we do it by combining hardware innovation, digital technology and new business models.

High gross margin

High margins for TAPP Water and great value for consumers

Recurring customers

Great customer life time

value including recurring

revenue from refill cartridges


Reducing plastic pollution, CO2, water wastage and overall positive impact on the planet.

Proven product & model

After years of research & development, product improvements and consumer insights we now have a proven product and business model.


We continuously bring innovation to the market with patents and other IP including TAPP 3L, TAPP X, TAPP U, and more. *

* More information will only be shared under NDA.


Our Investors

  • Founders  – Magnus Jern, Alexander Schwarz, Jeff Cardarelli and Rocio Alcocer
  • Blue Water Group – Stockholm HQ, mission-driven investor focusing on water, food and health with flexible investment structure
  • Yabeo – German early stage investor with flexible Evergreen Structures without limitations of usual Fund Structures
  • Halso Invest – Swedish early stage investor in health and impact founded and lead by Swedush celebrity “GI-Ola” Lauritzon
TAPP Water has raised about €2.5m to date + a grant from the EU for €1.3m to invest in resarch and development and marketing. To achieve our goal we require further investment partners in the mid to long term.  

Our Management Team

Rocio Alcocer
CEO & Co-founder

Building and managing team, Strategy, Community and driving PR. Previously 6 years of CSR & start-ups in Barrabes, Deloitte and StepOne Ventures

Alexander Schwarz
CPO & Co-founder

Partnerships and Product. Previously head of strategy and partnerships at Softonic, the world’s leading software download provider (€100m revenue)

Michaela Mairinger
Marketing & Sales

Marketing, Sales, Brand, Customer Experience. Previously head of digital marketing at Rosa Clará, the world’s second largest bridal brand (€55m revenue)

Magnus Jern, Head of Sales & Co-founder

Water Geek responsible for R&D, International Partnerships, and Investor Relations. Co-founder 6 companies incl Golden Gekko, Europe’s leading mobile app developer

Adriana Sojda
Customer Experience

Optimising customer relationships and customer operations. MBA from EAE Business School. Previously managing teams at Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Jeff Cardarelli
Data & Co-founder

Provides the business with intelligence. Data Insights, Operations,
Supply Chain and ongoing analysis.  Previously data analytics manager
at Softonic

10 facts about bottled water

Our competition

During the past 10 years water filtration brands have failed to deliver a better alternative to bottled water. Therefore the bottled water industry has continued to grow uninterrupted throughout the world. The main competitor for TAPP Water is bottled water and not other water filter brands. Read more about how filtered water is healthier than bottled water.

But we also monitor other water filtration solutions closely to stay on the edge. Read more about how TAPP Water compares to Brita, PUR, Culligan, Geyser and other existing water filter brands.

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Rohan Marley Filter Water Bottle Launch


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