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Chlorine is added to tap water to help it meet national and international quality standards. Due to this process, the water has an unpleasant odour and taste. Our filters eliminate chlorine and the unpleasant odour and taste it caused by it. Guaranteed

Few things are as annoying as being thirsty and going to the kitchen to get water, only to find that someone has forgotten to fill the filter pitcher. TAPP users never have that bother, however, because their filtered water comes straight from the tap. And it comes out instantly, with the ability to choose between filtered and non-filtered water with just the turn of a small switch. Our tap water filter lasts 3 times as long, filters 15 times as much water, and uses advanced technology to eliminate even microplastics and heavy metals. Because of this, the water tastes much better. In addition, our annual subscription is less expensive than using the most popular filter pitchers. And with filter pitchers, the cartridge must be changed every month.
A lot of people think that. We did too. In fact, before we founded TAPP Water, almost all of us drank bottled water too, because we thought it was the only safe option, as well as the healthiest. Independent laboratory tests, however, completely shattered that misconception for us. That’s why we created TAPP Water. When you filter water yourself, you can be certain it’s free of impurities and tastes good, not to mention avoid the microplastics found in bottled water. On top of that, you’ll save loads of money and put an end to the nightmare of lugging heavy bottles home. But most importantly, you’ll be choosing the best option for the environment.
Our system is compatible with 95% of round taps with threaded spouts (which is what the filter attaches to). Taps with pull-out spouts and the following models of round taps are not compatible: 1. Grifo extraíble o estilo ducha 2. IKEA «BOSJÖN», «ÄLMAREN» y «TÄMNAREN» y otros grifos con rosca corta 3. Grifos con rosca ovalada 4. Grifo con sensor

With an annual subscription, you have a lifetime guarantee. That means your filter is covered as long as you’re a customer with us.

TAPP 2 uses highly-effective activated carbon block technology that eliminates more than 80 contaminants and reduces another 50.
Minerals, which are good for our health, stay in the water. The primary chemical elements that are eliminated or reduced include:

– Microplastics
– Lead and other heavy metals that may be shed by old pipes
– Chlorine and its by-products, which contribute to water’s unpleasant taste and smell
– Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as THMs and PFCs
– Pesticides
– Cryptosporidium (or Crypto parasites) TAPP 2 also reduces, but does not eliminate: arsenic, nitrates, chrome and medicines.

Yes, of course. Because we believe you’ll love your new water—just like the rest of our TAPP users—we give you 45 days to make any type of return.