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Where can I buy TAPP Water Products in the Martinique?

The links above lead to the where you can buy our products in Martinique


Why should you use TAPP Water Filters

Save money

The average customer saves 1000 dirham per year compared to drinking bottled water

Tasty clean water

Your water will taste great every day and free from over 100 contaminants. It’s cleaner than bottled water. 


The world’s most eco-friendly water filters with 85% less plastic waste.

Simple to use

Can be installed in a minute without tools or professional help

Monitoring your filter

MyTAPP keeps track of when it’s time to change the filter, money saved, bottles eliminated and more. Scan the QR code on the box for more info.

About Us

Single-use plastic bottles and the production of bottled water are polluting our ecosystems, endangering marine life, and contaminating the food chain.

Our mission is to create sustainable, affordable and convenient badass products that eliminate the need for bottled water.

We empower individuals to change their consumption habits, and raise awareness on the impact of our everyday decisions.

TAPP Water partnered up with XYZ, a leading distributor of premium brands in Martinique. Together we provide innovative, simple and sustainable solutions for tasty clean drinking water to customers in Martinique.

Why TAPP Water?

Our products are designed and developed in Europe and independently certified by the top German water lab and tested in Martinique. With TAPP Water you can trust that you get clean tasty water every day.

tap water and best filter for UAE


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“After installing TAPP we drink more tap water at home and don't have to carry home 100 kg of water every month.”
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“We had an old Reverse Osmosis filter that we replaced with TAPP. The water tastes better and we can now easily change the filter ourselves.”
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"TAPP is not just another water filter brand. It's a product and a movement with a mission to change the way we consume water." 

Where can I buy TAPP?

Visit our showroom on {{{ADD Stores}}}}

More stores available soon.

Free Water Quality Testkit

Ask the team in our store for a free water quality testkit to test the water before and after filtration.

Once you’ve received the test strips visit this page to complete the form.

Note: The water quality strips provide an indication of water quality. It doesn’t replace water lab tests for non-public tap water.

Support & Questions

Installation support

Visit tappinstall.me for our installation guide available in 20+ languages.

Installation videos

Compatibility & Adapters

TAPP Water Faucet Filters are compatible with 95% of all faucets in the Martinique.

In case the adapters included don’t work please send us a photo/video.

Get in touch

Want to learn more about our products? 

For more more informationa about TAPP Water outside of Martinique visit our main website on https://tappwater.co

What kind of resellers are we looking for?

We want distribution and retail partners that think BIG and BOLD. Our ambition is to become the leading brand for clean tap water in every market we enter. This means aggressive online sales and wide retail distribution. The plan is to achieve €10-100m in revenue in every market within 5 years.

Our Process

  1. Partners reach out to us / or in some cases we may reach out to you.
  2. We evaluate each reseller/distributor to ensure there is a good fit in terms of knowledge, experience and market reach. First step is to get to know each other.
  3. Partners order samples to test themselves and with customers. We provide samples for wholesale price + delivery cost.
  4. Partner completes evaluation of the products. Usually this includes local independent lab testing.
  5. We sign a contract and get started with the first delivery for sales.

Our selection criteria

  • Cultural fit and alignment with our mission
  • Knowledge / insights / interest in tap water and water filters
  • Market distribution network
  • Go-to-market plan

Benefits of selling TAPP Water Products

  • High gross margin
  • Great customer life time value including recurring revenue from refill cartridges
  • Positive image for the store/distributor of selling sustainable products
  • Drives footfall thanks to customers visiting the store just to buy TAPP products 
  • Continuous product innovation


Europe based  Distributor

“TAPP Water provides once in a life-time opportunity to offer a product that millions of people need and want.”

Barcelona based retail store

“Customers come to our store just to buy TAPP water filters and end buy buying other things as well. Great company to work with!”

Flowater USA

“TAPP is not just another water filter brand. It’s a product and a movement with a mission to change the way we consume water.” 

Success stories / case studies

We currently have successful partnerships throughout the world including Bulgaria, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Pol, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey and the United States.

Learn about how TAPP Water Filters Work.

E-mail us on [email protected] to learn more.

How to contact us

Fill out the reseller form and we will get back to you within 5 working days.

Clean tasty water anywhere with Nasa Technology!

Now available in the US and Jamaica.

 Rohan Marley Filter Water Bottle Launch 
Filter water bottle
designed by Rohan Marley 

Rohan Marley Filter Water Bottle Launch


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