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No more carrying heavy bottles!
Every year we take around 700 bottles of water home with us (and for families it's even more!). Make life easier for yourself and attach a TAPP Water filter to your tap.
Install it yourself!
No need for tools or plumbers. Within two minutes you'll be enjoying healthy, great-tasting filter water. You only have to change the filter cartridge once every 3 months, and changing it is super simple.
Pure water always on tap!
Enjoy 13 litres of filtered water a day (4,800 litres a year!). Drink it directly, use it in tea and coffee, cook with it, wash your fruit and vegetables with it, give it to your pet and even water your plants with it. The filter delivers a litre of pure water in just 15 seconds! And when you need to, simply switch from filtered water to unfiltered tap water using the filter lever. Easy, isn't it?
Why TAPP Water?
Compared to other water filtering systems, with TAPP Water:
  • You can filter a litre of water in just 15 seconds while other options take several minutes.
  • You only need to change the filter cartridge every 3 months, not monthly like with other brands
  • Installation is super simple. Say goodbye to expensive equipment that takes up space under the sink.
  • Use 100% of your water and save money. Other solutions waste water during filtering, which increases your water bill.
See comparison table
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Clean tasty water anywhere with Nasa Technology!

Now available in the US and Jamaica.

 Rohan Marley Filter Water Bottle Launch 
Filter water bottle
designed by Rohan Marley 

Rohan Marley Filter Water Bottle Launch


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