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🎁 20% discount on BottlePro from 01/12 - 05/01

Too many plastic bottles
In 2016, worldwide bottled water consumption alone generated 480 billion plastic bottles.[1] By 2021 that figure is expected to rise to 583.3 billion. That's equivalent to almost 20,000 bottles per second! And do you know the worst of it? Only 9% of that volume is recycled, the rest ends up in landfill, groundwater, rivers and oceans. Say goodbye to plastic with TAPP Water.
Not a single drop of water wasted
Producing a plastic bottle requires between 6 and 7 times the amount of water it contains. In other words, when we drink a litre of bottled water we¡re really consuming 7 or 8 litres. And that's without taking into account the water used during bottling, transport and eventual waste management. With TAPP Water you won't waste a single drop.[2]
Freshwater, a scarce resource
Of all the water on this planet, only 0.5% is available to us to meet our needs and those of our ecosystem! Just 3% of the world's water is potable and, of that, 2.5% is frozen in the Antarctic, Arctic and glaciers. Make more sustainable use of a resource as vital as water with TAPP Water.[3]
Plastic-free health
Did you know that whenever you eat fish or seafood you may well be eating plastic as well? Because of the production process used to make a huge number of articles an enormous amount of plastic ends up being dumped in the environment, eventually making its way into the food we eat. That's not good for our health! With TAPP Water you get water that is 100% free of microplastics and you reduce plastic's impact on the environment. [4]
Preserving our oceans
Every minute, the equivalent of a bin-lorry load of plastic ends up in our oceans. Fish, marine birds and mammals and sea turtles — according to the United Nations, over 800 species worldwide — get tangled in it or swallow it, causing asphyxia, hunger and choking. Protect our oceans and their inhabitants by joining us at TAPP Water.[5]

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2. Information from the Water Footprint Network confirmed in this NPR article.
3. Information taken from the United Nations website under Sustainable Development Goal 12: Sustainable consumption and production.
4. Information taken from this article on the WHO website.
5. Information taken from this article published by the PEW Research Center.

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