10 Sustainable Christmas Gift ideas for family and friends?

Thinking about buying a sustainable Christmas gift for a family member or friend?

Here are 10 awesome sustainable Xmas gift tips that are great presents and also good for the planet starting from as little as $20.

1. A year of clean healthy water

Do you have family or friends who are carrying home heavy and expensive water bottles from the store or using an old Brita filter? Help their back, wallet and the planet with a water filter for the kitchen.

There are lots of water filter options but based on 10,000+ happy customers we know whoever you give it to will like this one.

10 Great Sustainable Christmas Gift Tips

TAPP 2 is easy to install on any standard faucet and provides clean healthy water all year.

Best of all, you can monitor it and get reminders when the filters need to be replaced through the website or app and the cartridges are biodegradable.

Price: €89 for the yearly package

2. Sea2see sun glasses

Ghost fishing nets which accounts for more than 10% of all that plastic pollution is amongst the biggest culprits of deaths and contamination in our oceans. Sea2see decided to do something about it and created a super cool sunglass brand with glasses made in Italy from fishing nets. Look great and save a little bit of the planet!

Price: From €85 – use code “Tapp” to get 10% off on all orders 

3. Nomadix towel

This is the perfect sustainable Christmas gift for any yoga fan or nomad. The Nomadix towels are made using certified post-consumer plastic bottles and great for yoga, the beach, the pool or for the park. We especially like that it’s lightweight, quick drying, beautiful and of course made from recycled materials.

Price: From $39.95
Website: or Amazon

4. Refillable Water bottle

Your husband, wife, partner or friend still buys bottled water on the go? Oh dear! Get him or her a nicely designed refillable water bottle that keeps cold water cold and warm water hot. The person will be grateful every time out and about and feels thirsty. And it’s fashionable!

We tested over 100 water bottles and created our own reusable water bottle.

TAPP – Blue Stainless Steel Bottle
Beautiful and great quality stainless steel, BPA-free reusable water bottle that keeps your fluids cold or warm.

Price: From €15
Website: (only available in Europe)

5. Rareform bags & accessories

10 Great Sustainable Christmas Gift Tips

This awesome bag is a fashion statement and the starting point for a great conversation. Every Rareform bag or accessory started as a billboard which means each one is unique. Each product is beautifully crafted in LA. You just have to choose the type of bag or accessory and the design.

Price: From $34

6. The Best Deodorant In The World

Smell good and be good. “The Best Deodorant In The World” is the only deodorant with 100% organic, Vegan ingredients and 100% plastic-free packaging. As a bonus, it’s also a great, family run company with an amazing mission.

Read what one knowledgable reviewer had to say.

Price: From $24

7. eCoffeecup reuseable cups

10 Great Sustainable Christmas Gift Tips

Single use coffee cups can take 500 years to break down. Help someone to stop consumption of single-use cups. Ecoffee Cup is a new breed of reusable takeaway cup. Created with natural fibres, it is BPA and phthalate free. Light, bright and beautiful to drink from.

Price: From $10.95

8. Pela Case smartphone case

10 Great Sustainable Christmas Gift Tips

Want to help protect someone’s smartphone and reduce plastic waste at the same time? Then the Pela Case is a great gift. Pela provides beautiful designed smartphone cases for pretty much every model. Pela cases are made of 100% compostable materials.

Price: From $34

9. A beautiful water carafe

A beautiful water carafe on the dining table, terrace or outdoor area makes all the difference for a dinner party or normal day at home. Add fruits and herbs and it will look and taste even better.

10 Great Sustainable Christmas Gift Tips

Here’s our favourite water carafe:
Artcome 55 Oz

Nice looking and practical glass carafe made with heat resistant borosilicate water.
Price: From $20

For UK/English use this if Artcome is not available in Europe.

Navaris Glass Carafe 1 L

Beautiful carafe made of Borosilicate Glass.
Price: From $20

10. A sustainable Christmas gift experience

If you really want to be sustainable then the best Christmas gifts are typically the non-material ones. Maybe a theatre show? There are always shows going on grab tickets to a musical or play and support your local theatre scene. It’s a great night out you can grab a drink at a bar afterwards and discuss all of your favorite moments.

Price: Tickets to a local show cost around $60 for two.

We hope these tips inspired you to find the perfect sustainable Christmas gift. Have fun reducing human impact on the planet!

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