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Basic water filter

Basic filtering

Basic water filter

Basic filtering
Easy to install
Water taste
  • Healthy, great-tasting water thanks to its granulated carbon technology that removes over 70 substances
  • Instant filtering with cartridges that last 3 months.
  • Easy to install. No need for tools. Adapters available if needed.


Includes 1 cartridge

  • 1 filter +1 cartridge
  • 3 months' filtered water
  • 1-year guarantee
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  • Healthy, great-tasting water thanks to its granulated carbon technology that removes over 70 substances
  • Instant filtering with cartridges that last 3 months.
  • Easy to install. No need for tools. Adapters available if needed.
Attach it to your tap
You can install it yourself in under 2 minutes
Switch to filtered water
Switch between filtered water and tap water by operating the lever
Change the cartridge every 3 months
Our cartridges last for 3 months

The cartridge: the filter's heart

The cartridge is found inside the filter and protects the carbon block, which is what filters the water.
Sand, rust and sediment and other substances > 10 μm (microns).

Replace the cartridge with a new one after every 3 months’ use. To remove it, unscrew the used cartridge and attach the new one. Learn more.

You’ll receive an email reminder 7 days before the replacement date.

Tested and certified

Tested by independent laboratory AQA.

Need more cartridges?

We've got a 2-cartridge pack (equivalent to 6 months' filtered water).

Install it yourself

The filter comes with an online step-by-step guide that explains how to install and maintain your filter.

If the filter diameter doesn’t match your tap diameter, we’ll send you an adapter free of charge.

Consulta los modelos no compatibles

Not sure if your tap is compatible?

Our filters are compatible with 95% of the taps on the market.
Check here for non-compatible models

Product specifications

Dimensions: 12.4 x 7.4 x 10.9 cm Weight: 363 g
A. Filter housing B. Lever (filtered/non-filtered) C. Cartridge housing D. Carbon block C + D = cartridge
  • Switch the filter to NON-filtered mode when using hot water.
  • Do not wash the filter with soap.
  • If you haven’t used the filter for several days, run the filtered water through it for 20 seconds before using.
  • Do not expose the filter to heat.
  • Change the filter every 3 months.
  • Once used, T1 cartridges can be disposed of in the general waste bin.
    Learn more

TAPP 1 uses 2-stage granulated coconut carbon filtering technology.

The activated carbon is made from 100%-natural coconut shell. This vegetable compound absorbs chemicals, gases and organic elements thanks to its microscopic structure and highly porous surface.

As the water passes through the filter the contaminants are trapped by the spherical activated carbon particles. The result is clean, ready-to-drink filtered water.

Filtering rate: 4 l/min (15 seconds to filter 1 litre).

Cartridge duration: 3 months from first use.

Cartridge filtering capacity: up to 1,200 litres (approx. 13 l/day) for 3 months.

Suitable for: mains tap water.

Substances removed: 70+.


Made from highly durable sustainable materials free of BPA and phthalates that remain inert and do not bioaccumulate.

As Easywell explains, the TAPP 1’s inner layers are made of:

  • Stainless steel mesh: removes hair, sand and contaminants.
  • Coconut-shell activated carbon: removes organic material, chemicals, chlorine, pesticides, impurities and unpleasant tastes and smells.
  • Calcium sulphite: removes chlorine, ozone and organic chemicals.
  • PP cotton: removes micro-organisms, sand, dirt and other impurities.

What do our customers think?

  • Good for filtering out water

    Perfect for filtering out water


    Verified Purchase

  • Water filter TAPP

    Product does helps with hard water issue

    Guy barrette

    Verified Purchase

  • Great product

    This is a great little product . Fits my tap perfectly and easy to use. Love it.

    Amazon Customer

    Verified Purchase

  • Excellent product for the price; supurb customer service!!

    I bought this because it says it fits most European/UK faucets and it was a reasonable price. Also glad that you can simply order replacement filters on Amazon too. I found it easy to install (comes with adaptors in case you need them). Later, I emailed customer service asking how to change the filter and Isabel IMMEDIATELY sent me a video showing how to do it which is super easy.

    Amazon customer

    Verified Purchase

  • Tapp 1 refill filter is most useful.

    Is quite easy to fix and gives clean -filtered water comparable to any other.. This is a great solution to reducing plastic.

    Amazon Customer

    Verified Purchase

  • Crystal clear water

    Quality product with quality after sales support.


    Verified Purchase

  • Great Profuct & helpful staff

    Great product. I have ordered this and realized that I did not fit my tap. After contacting the company, they have immediately sent the required adapter and filter got fitted. Filter is good because results are visible. Thank you!


    Verified Purchase

Buy the filter

TAPP 1 filter

Basic filtering



Need more cartridges?

TAPP 1 cartridges

Pack of 2 cartridges



Discover other filter models

Got any questions? We'll answer them!

We guarantee that our system is compatible with 95% of round threaded taps. The non-compatible commercially available taps are shown below: img-wrap
If you can’t remove the aerator it could be because of limescale build-up. In that case, we recommend using a wrench to unscrew it.
Because the quality of your water and the efficiency of the filter’s filtration capacity can only be guaranteed for a usage capacity equivalent to 3 months. Our quality parameters for filtering substances and contaminants are above 95% in most cases (depending on the type of contaminant it is higher, for instance, with chlorine filtration efficiency is at 99%). The filtration of contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides, VOCs, and microplastics don’t meet our quality parameters after 3 months of usage. If you use your cartridge beyond 3 months, filtration efficiency will decay below our minimum standards. Besides the mentioned absorption and efficiency aspects, also keep in mind that carbon is an organically based material that provides a breeding ground for microorganisms on which bacteria can multiply over time. These bacteria build up behind the filter and contaminate the water in the pipe system. This is normal for all activated carbon filters, regardless of whether you live alone or with many people, or if the filter hasn’t been used for some time. A little bit of advice: if you haven’t used your filter for a few days, let the water run through it for 30 seconds before drinking to flush out any bacteria that may have built up Click here for more information.
Our filters are designed to filter cold water. The cartridge housing materials aren’t designed to withstand high temperatures. If the cartridge comes into contact with hot water it will melt, damaging the filter and impairing its effectiveness. However, you can easily switch between filtered water and tap water using the lever. When the filter is set to tap water you can run hot water through it without any problem.
Yes, of course you can safely remove the filter from one tap and fit it to another one! The thread quality allows you to change tap repeatedly — when you move house, when you go on holiday, etc. You can take your TAPP Water filter with you when you travel and even use it in hotels!
The main difference is that TAPP 2 is the latest version and features our enhanced filtering system. TAPP 1 removes over 70 contaminants, including chlorine, chlorine byproducts, heavy metals and pesticides. TAPP 2 removes chlorine and its byproducts, heavy metals like lead, and pesticides and microplastics.

Our filters are able to filter the tap water in 99.5% of Spain where the mains water has passed the local authorities’ potability tests. In the case of wells or private water tanks TAPP Water cannot guarantee water potability.

Our activated carbon filtering technology removes over 80 water contaminants, among them chlorine (the main cause of tap water’s unpleasant taste), microplastics, lead, nitrates and nitrites (only measurable using special lab equipment).

Click here to see the independent lab test results.

Following this link will show you the environmentally friendly way to dispose of and recycle your filter cartridges.
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