Share TAPP Water — Terms and conditions

How does the “Share TAPP Water and get €15” programme work?

At TAPP Water we believe that everybody should have access to pure, high-quality, great-tasting water straight from the tap. Which is why we’re offering you the chance to invite your family and friends so both you and them can enjoy filtered water at an unbeatable price.

If you’re already a TAPP Water customer:

If you’ve purchased on our website before and invite your family and friends, for every person you invite who makes their first purchase on our website, you’ll receive a €15 discount credit to use on your next purchase or annual subscription renewal.

If you’re not yet a TAPP Water customer:

For every person you invited who makes their first purchase on our website, you’ll receive a €15 discount credit to use on your first purchase.


  • You can view your available credits in the “”Share TAPP Water and get €15″” section of your MyTAPP area.
  • Bear in mind that your personal link will only work with new users, in other words users who don’t already have an account.
  • Once you’ve logged in to MyTAPP you’ll find your personal link in the “”Share TAPP Water and get €15″” section. You can share your link by email or text message or on social media.
  • Your friend will receive a €15 credit that will appear in their account and can be used against their first purchase. Once their order has been confirmed and the payment has been accepted, you’ll be credited your €15.
  • You can recommend TAPP Water to as many friends as you like. There’s no limit!
  • Remember, if your family and friends use a promotion code instead of your invitation link, the €15 discount won’t be credited since our discounts and promotions are non-combinable.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change.

Did you share your link and your friend made a purchase but still can’t see your credits?

You’ll receive your credits once your friend’s order and payment have been confirmed and processed. If you believe that your friend’s order/payment has already been confirmed and processed and you still don’t see your credits in your MyTAPP account, write to us at [email protected] stating your full name and email address and that of the person you invited.