BottlePro for Christmas🎁 20% discount from 01/12 - 05/01

🎁 20% discount on BottlePro from 01/12 - 05/01


Filter your
faucet water


Sustainable filter

TAPP 2 Twist

starting from £49 / €49
and smart filter

TAPP 2 Click

starting from £59 / €59

Why is our filter so special?

Pure water

Immediately removes
the impurities from the water,
all you have to do is open the tap.

High quality

Its filtering technology
is extremely effective in
eliminating the bad taste.

Organic and

The cartridges are
biodegradable and
are made with coconut fiber,
corn and sugar cane.

Easy to
install and use

All you have to do is screw
the filter onto your tap and
change the cartridge
every 3 months. Very easy!

Why is our filter so special?

What does it filter?

Some of the contaminants removed:

How does it work?

You install it in a few seconds,
without the help of the plumber

All you have to do is screw it to the end of your tap, in two simple steps.

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Find out what our customers think:

“At start I didn’t think it really took away the bad taste. It’s better than the filter carafe! The annual pass is ideal to avoid to run out of cartridges.”

“I have had it for about a month now and it is very useful. I no longer have to carry heavy water bottles home. I admit I really like the idea that the cartridges are made of coconut, which reduce the waste produced.”

“It is more comfortable than carafes (usually made of plastic and quite bulky). It completely removes the smell of chlorine and removes other possible tastes. Fantastic!”

Find out what our customers think:

Calculate your savings

Enter the number of litres you drink each day and the brand
of bottled water you usually purchase.

Calcula tus ahorros

Introduce los litros que bebes al día y la marca
de agua embotellada que sueles comprar.

Did you know that we already avoided...?

CO2 emissions

Equal to travel around the world by car 1172 times

Bottles avoided

Bottles avoided

Money saved

Total saving from all our customers


Secure purchase

Free shipping and returns

Receipt in 1-3 natural days


Filter systems



Filter for faucet. filter the
lime and +100 contaminants



Filter jug. Filter +80


Filtering system

Max 400L/Month

100/L week

Max 150L/Month

37,5 L/week



2nd year €54


2nd year €44

Recommended household members

3 to 6 people

1 person

Monthly paid subscription

Annual paid subscription

one-time purchase

(option without subscription)

Eliminate bad taste

Filter the lime

Filter microplastics

Filter heavy metals

Quantity of filtered substances




Plastic-free refills

CO2 neutral shipments