A shower filter can have numerous advantages and benefits for your health, although it might seem trivial at first to use a filter for something as routine as taking a shower. And yet, a shower filter can significantly reduce health issues that might stem from water impurities and alter the way our body reacts to the water. It is above all due to the chlorine as well as salts and heavy metals in the water that shower filters are particularly advisable to people with sensitive or allergic skin.

Our shower filter, TAPP 1s, is certainly one of the best solutions on the market to get a hold on problems associated with exposing your skin to shower or bath water with a high chlorine content.

shower filter

This shower filter is equipped with a particularly efficient filtering method called KDF-55, ideal for hot and high-pressure water and is compatible with most shower heads.

The main advantages of using a shower filter:

  • A visibly smoother and rejuvenated skin.
  • A better absorption of hydrating cremes.
  • Ease itchy skin.
  • Avoid dry skin.
  • Soften your hair, avoid split ends and reduce the use of shampoo.
  • Dyed hair lasts longer.
  • Prevents loss of hair.
  • Softer bathing water for infants.

Chlorine is an inorganic and corrosive element which can destroy the natural balance of the protein in your skin and hair. In the long run this can lead to fragile hair and dry itchy skin. Especially children as well as people with sensitive skin (dermatitis, etc.) should be careful when using waters with high chlorine contents. For more information, please have a look at our website.

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