* Savings and convenience based on average consumption for 65 million bottled water consuming households in Europe.

  • Stage filtration technology

    The only advanced nanofiltration faucet filters with limescale reduction. Find out more

  • Faster flowrate

    2-4x faster than Reverse Osmosis and 10x than Brita Jugs

  • Substances Filtered

    Independently tested and certified to filter more substances than other tap filters and filter jugs. Find out more.

How Tappwater compares to other products

Tapp Water Faucet Filters
Other Faucet Filters*
Lowest annual and per liter cost**
5-stage Nanofiltration Technology
Independently tested and certified to filter 100+ substances
Reduces limescale by 80% or more
4 L/min flowrate - 2x vs competition
Eco-friendly refills - no plastic waste

* Brita and Philips based on comparison April 2024
** Annual cost based on the yearly subscription price of Ecopro and EcoPro Compact compared to buying filter cartridges on Amazon

Trusted by over 100,000 customers in Europe.

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Clean Tasty Water from your Tap

Good drinking water is critical for our health. Bottled water contains microplastics and hormone disruptors while your tap water might taste bad or be contaminated by old pipes.

Does it fit my faucet?

Our tap water filters are compatible with all standard round taps/faucets.

Find out more if you are uncertain.

As an alternative check out our glass filter jug.

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