5 Water Consumption Myths Debunked

5 Water Consumption Myths Debunked

#1 Water consumption myths: Tap water is not safe to drink.

Untrue. Tap water in the USA and Canada is of high quality. Public water supply is subject to numerous automated and very strict controls every minute. Controls for bottled water, on the other hand, are much more lenient. Rather you should be worried about the highly controversial BPA, present in many plastic bottles and potentially very harmful for your health. Don't believe this water consumption myth. 


#2 Water consumption myths: As long as I recycle, there is no problem with consuming bottled water.

Wrong. Bottled water is a product that is unsustainable all the way through its product lifecycle, from extraction through production, transportation, and distribution. Disposal, where recycling comes into play, is the last part of this lifecycle and often just represents a small part of the process and thus of the carbon footprint overall. Also, you should keep in mind that, at times, what looks like recycling is actually downcycling. While we wholeheartedly encourage recycling as the best form of disposal, it is only a second-best solution when it comes to water consumption. Instead, avoid bottled water and thus plastic waste altogether. Here at TAPP Water, we recommend EcoPro to filter your tap water as well as reusable, BPA-free bottles whenever you are on the run.


#3 Water consumption myths: I need to drink 8 glasses of water per day.

This is a tricky one. While it is important to stay hydrated, especially on hot summer days, there is no average rule you can apply. The general guideline of consuming two liters of liquid per day has been wrongfully translated into eight daily glasses of water. Fact is that a large part of the daily liquid is absorbed through food in general, but also other beverages that are not water. Needless to say, though that water is certainly the healthiest of all beverages. No hard feelings, beer fans. 


#4 Water consumption myths: If I don’t like the taste of tap water, bottled water is the only alternative.

Chlorine is a highly efficient disinfectant, and as such, it is added to the public water supply to eliminate any pathogens. At the same time though, it is often at the origin of the unpleasant smell and taste of tap water. With TAPP, you can easily filter out said smell and taste, making tap water perfectly enjoyable. As a matter of fact, in blind tests we conducted, candidates repeatedly preferred filtered tap over bottled water.


#5 Water consumption myths: I can reuse regular plastic bottles as often as I want.

No. With every reuse, regular plastic bottles leach chemicals such as the aforementioned BPA into the water. Furthermore, through repeated usage, unwashed plastic bottles can easily become a basin for mouth bacteria. Yikes.


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