Aquaphor topaz water filter vs tapp water comparison and review

Aquaphor Topaz water filter vs TAPP reviews and comparison

How does Aquaphor Topaz water filter compare to TAPP Water? Looking for the best affordable water filter? Wondering how cheap products such as Aquaphor Topaz compare to top brands like TAPP Water.

Here’s a short comparison on the most important attributes including filter efficiency, taste, limescale filtering, product quality, flow rate, filter capacity and sustainability of Aquaphor Topaz vs EcoPro by TAPP Water (previously TAPP 2). The comparison also applies to Aquaphor Moderna with similar results except filter capacity.

1. Filtering - what does Aquaphor faucet filter remove vs TAPP Water?

Aquaphor Topaz is a very basic granular activated carbon filter with no specification or lab certifications of what it filters or removes. Claims include 99% chlorine, petrochemicals, phenol, pesticides and 98% of heavy metals.

EcoPro by TAPP Water is independently certified to filter over 100 contaminants and substances including chlorine, THMs, nitrate, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, limescale and more. See complete list.

Winner: EcoPro with independently verified filtering

2. Taste of Aquaphor filtered water vs EcoPro by TAPP Water

Generally taste is subjective but every year we carry out blind tests and surveys to compare TAPP filtered water with tap water, bottled water and other water filters. We constantly keep on improving. In our 10 customer blind taste comparison between EcoPro and tap water 10 out of 10 preferred the EcoPro filtered water. When we tasted the aquaphor filtered water we could immediately notice the difference.

Winner: EcoPro with better tasting water

3. Limescale filtering

To many people limescale is one of the most annoying aspects of tap water and also their greatest health concern.

Aquaphor Topaz does not reduce or filter limescale.

EcoPro by TAPP Water reduces limescale by more than 80% with our proprietary technology.

Winner:EcoPro with limescale filtering

4. Flow Rate of Aquaphor Topaz vs EcoPro

Historically flow rate has been a major challenge for faucet filters, carafe filters and reverse osmosis filters. The normal flow rate from your tap is 8-10 L/min.
Carafe filters: 0.5 L / min
Reverse osmosis: 1-2 L/ min
Aquaphor Topaz: 0.3 L/ min
EcoPro: 4 L / min

How can TAPP have so much better flow rate? Our 5-stage filtration system is optimised for flow, filter efficiency and taste. By using the latest micro filtration technology and premium grade organic coconut activated carbon we’ve managed to achieve much greater flow than any other filter.

Winner: EcoPro with 4 L / min flow rate

5. Filter capacity and changing frequency

The capacity of filters is often very arbitrary. Some specify based on chlorine filtration only while others based on taste with ideal conditions. It is unknown what the capacity of Aquaphor Topaz is based on but it’s specified as 750 L.

TAPP Water uses the strict measure of maximum capacity of filtering any of the contaminants the filter has been rated for. The capacity is 1200 L.

Both filters specify that the cartridges should be changed every 3 months for a normal household of 3-4 people. One reason that max 3 months is almost always recommend is that water filters get clogged and full of bacteria over time.

Winner: EcoPro thanks to higher capacity and stringent specifications

6. Product Quality of Aquaphor Topaz vs TAPP Water

Material quality and design is super important for water filters. With high pressure, frequent use, constant exposure to water and the weight on the faucet filters are prone to break. In addition to this water leakage inside or outside the filter can completely spoil the use and experience of the filter.

We compared the quality and reviews of Aquaphor and EcoPro.

Aquaphor Topaz filters are made of low quality materials and one of the most common complaints is that they start leaking after a few weeks of use. One reason is the use of plastic connector adapters that don’t seal properly.

EcoPro is made of sturdy high quality ABS plastic and stainless steel connectors which in the past 6 months have no reports of defects or leakage. The products have been tested for 25,000 uses with at least 3 years lifespan.

Winner: EcoPro by TAPP Water

7. Sustainability of Aquaphor water filter vs EcoPro

All water filters are more sustainable than bottled water but there is also a big difference between water filters.

When replacing the Aquaphor cartridges essentially the whole filter except the faucet attachment is replaced. This includes the plastic casing, the activated carbon and all the other content inside. This is a lot of waste every 3 months.

For EcoPro only the filter cartridge with it’s wrapped, carbon block and inner content is replaced with everything else reused / recycled. Furthermore EcoPro uses organic coconut shell activated carbon from Jacobi with the highest level of sustainability certifications. See

Winner: EcoPro with 80% less plastic waste than Aquaphor Topaz

Conclusion Aquaphor Topaz vs TAPP Water

Not all water filters are created equal. Aquaphor offers a very low cost water filter but our comparison also shows that it’s substandard on all measures.

TAPP Water is committed to producing the highest quality advanced water filters and the comparison with Aquaphor Topaz clearly shows the difference. It may cost a bit more in the short term but the extra cost will pay off in cleaner and tastier water with a product that will last longer.

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