Faucet water filter and Can I drink the tap water in Singapore?

5 reasons you should buy a faucet water filter today

Are you among the 75 million households in Europe or 50 million in the US that mainly drink bottled water? Or are you simply concerned about the quality of the tap water where you live?

If you are an adult and happily drink the tap water then you can stop reading now. Otherwise continue...

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy a faucet water filter today:

1. Water from the tap is more convenient

Go to the store, carry home heavy bottles, store them at home and take out every time you need water. Finally take the empty bottles to the recycling bin. How convenient is that?

With a good on faucet water filter like EcoPro you have access to unlimited amounts of drinking water straight from the tap. All you need to do is spend 1 min installing it and 30 seconds every 3 months replacing the cartridge.

But I use a home delivery service

Sure. Amazon and other supermarkets have home delivery which adds convenience but what's most convenient?

2. Filtered water is better for your health

For years bottled water companies have been promoting their water as the healthy mineral rich alternative but is that true? There is no evidence that bottled water is healthier than tap water. In fact it might be slowly killing you. On the other hand a good on tap water filter will give you better tasting water and reduce the risk of consuming contaminants.

Do you have kids? Then you should absolutely consider a water filter because there is no safe amount of heavy metals or nitrates for small growing children.

Recent studies have also shown that bottled water is full of microplastics. You might be consuming as much as 30 credit cards of microplastics per year.

Source: The Fringe News

3. Save 300 euro or more per year with an on faucet water filter

On average bottled water consuming households spend more than €360 per year. Some using brand name bottled water spend thousands.

* Based on the average cost of tap water and bottled water

A high quality water filter costs as little as €60 per year for 4000 litres of water.

This means that with an on tap water filter you will save at least 300 euro per year on average.

4. Better for the planet

bottled water plastic waste

 Source: Change.org

Bottled water is terrible for planet. It doesn't matter if you use glass bottles or recycle. The damage includes extraction of oil to produce plastic bottles, the CO2 footprint of bottled water which globally is almost as large as the aviation industry, water waste and plastic waste.

The CO2 footprint of bottled water is not zero but close enough. For water filters it's also a matter of choosing the most sustainable option. Reverse Osmosis filters waste a lot of water and energy whereas pitcher filters have cartridges that cannot be recycled. Choose an eco-friendly filter such as EcoPro if possible.

5. The technology of water filters is better than ever before

Until recently there were only two kinds of water filter solutions:

  1. Under the sink Reverse Osmosis filters that remove contaminants, healthy minerals and make the water tasteless
  2. Pitcher water filters that make the water taste better but doesn't remove much contaminants

Thanks to new innovative filtration technologies including organic carbon block filters, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and more this has changed. Now a small affordable on faucet water filter can be as efficient as an expensive RO filter. This is great to save money and space in small kitchens.

Buy an on faucet water filter now!

What are you waiting for? Start saving money, the planet and your health today.

buy on faucet water filter

Check out how EcoPro compares to other on faucet water filters such as PUR and Culligan.

Still not convinced about filtered water vs bottled water?

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