Drink tap water in Gijón

Drink tap water in Gijón

Drinking water from the Gijón tap is a guarantee of safety. Due to all the controls carried out in water treatment, the quality of Gijón tap water allows its daily consumption by the population.

Currently, the Government in the European Union has one objective, to promote the consumption of tap water in the countries that are part of the Union, since we must reduce the consumption of bottled water, which is so harmful to the environment, with the purpose to promote sustainable development of the planet.

Thus, the local government in Gijón, as in the case of other local governments, promote the daily consumption of tap water . As can be seen on the website of the water management company, in the Town Hall of this town, the tap water has different certificates with a guarantee that you can drink tap water in Gijón with complete health safety.

Those responsible for the Gijón municipal water consortium also defend the consumption of drinking water with certainty of safety for the health of citizens.

Is Gijón water drinkable?

Gijón's water is drinkable thanks to all the actions aimed at this by the Gijón Municipal Water Company. This company carries out all the necessary comprehensive management to ensure compliance with the integral water cycle and supply the region of Gijón and all its nearby parishes. Thanks to this it is possible to drink water from the Gijón tap .

How hard is Gijón water?

Gijón water has a medium hardness which, after being subjected to different treatments to neutralize toxic and harmful elements, makes it safe to consume. Not only can you, but it is recommended to drink tap water by the municipal authority, promoting its use both in hospitality and at public events. Companies that make tap water safe to drink complete all necessary checks to ensure quality water.

Where does Gijón's drinking water come from?

In all these extraction, treatment, distribution and controls processes, different companies can intervene, including the Municipal Water Company of Gijón, to carry out the relevant controls to obtain safe and quality drinking water. The president of the EMA himself defends the quality of Gijón tap water and has started a campaign to promote its consumption and use in the city's bars and restaurants. This campaign aims to raise awareness in the hospitality industry about the benefits and advantages of using tap water for sustainable development and about the importance of the water footprint in the activity.

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