Drink tap water in Jaén

Drink tap water in Jaén

Aqualia is the water supply management company in the town of Jaén. From this City Council they defend that you can drink tap water in Jaén in safe and healthy conditions for the population.

After the controls that the drinking water is subjected to in the DWTPs, it is recommended to drink tap water in Jaén daily, replacing bottled water. Something that, in addition to being logical because it is more economical, also contributes to sustainable development with the planet.

Drinking tap water is the healthiest thing in Jaén due to the number of controls that the municipal drinking water supply must pass. There will always be some quirks to take into account, such as the need to drink water with low mineralization or taste preferences for example, which can be easily resolved by using the right filters.


Is Jaén water drinkable?

Drinking Jaén tap water is a guarantee of quality due to the careful water treatment carried out to neutralize limescale and improve the taste due to the hardness of the water in this region. To do this, it is subject to strict controls, with the aim of complying with legal quality regulations, both state and European.


How hard is Jaén water?

The water in the province of Jaén has a high concentration of calcium due to the characteristics of the terrain, surfaces and calcareous lands. However, you can drink tap water normally since this concentration of minerals is reduced in a timely manner for the supply of drinking water in the municipality.

At the local Drinking Water Treatment Stations, the necessary means are available to clean the water, leaving it free of toxic elements and complying with the health standards legally required for its storage and distribution.


Where does Jaén's drinking water come from?

Jaén's drinking water comes from the Pantano and Mingo, Mingo II, springs near the mountains and from pumping systems near the Guadalquivir river basin, along with other springs and groundwater, are the main collection points for municipal water. . In some of them the water is already subjected to a first filtration, eliminating water that is too turbid and carrying out a first chlorination.

Through these collection systems it is possible to collect water from the natural environment, a situation that will be favored by the rains. Once collected, the water receives the appropriate treatment to be stored in tanks that allow supply and distribution.

This storage of drinking water is what makes it possible to regulate the necessary supply to the consumer through the local supply network, which guarantees that you can always drink Jaén tap water comfortably from home or in the hospitality industry.
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