Drink tap water in Zaragoza

Drink tap water in Zaragoza

Can you drink tap water in Zaragoza? This is one of the most common doubts among visitors who come to the city each year.

But there are also many citizens who are still not very clear if you can drink Zaragoza's water, if its consumption is recommended or what the real origin of Zaragoza's drinking water is.

Today we are going to resolve all these doubts and share a trick that will help you improve the quality of Zaragoza tap water.

Is Zaragoza water drinkable?

Another of the most common doubts among consumers is determining whether the water is hard or soft. And the answer is that Zaragoza water is neither hard nor soft, but rather semi-soft. What does this mean? Which has a medium mineralization, which also coincides with its medium calcium hardness.

How hard is it?

Granada's water has a very low hardness, in which weak concentrations of calcium and magnesium are found (especially in the case of water from the Canales-Quéntar system).

However, the groundwater from the Vega de Granada aquifer is more hard, which in no way affects its quality or degree of drinkability.

Where does Zaragoza's drinking water come from?

Once the doubt has been clarified about whether Zaragoza's water can be drunk and what its degree of hardness is, it is time to discover where the city's drinking water comes from and what its route is until it reaches homes.

There are 3 main sources of supply for the drinking water consumed in the city of Zaragoza: the imperial canal of Aragón, the Yesa reservoir and an alternative project that collects water from the Ebro river as it passes through the city.

The imperial canal of Aragon has always been the main source of water supply for Zaragoza. This canal collects its waters from the Ebro River near Fontellas, in Navarra.

Starting in 2009, water from the Yesa reservoir, which collects its waters from the Aragón River, was added to this supply source.

Finally, part of the water that reaches homes in Zaragoza comes from direct pumping carried out from the Ebro River as it passes through the city.

How to improve the quality of tap water in Zaragoza

To improve the quality of the water that reaches the tap of homes in Zaragoza, active carbon filters can be installed capable of eliminating up to 100 different substances, including lime.

The mounting system of these filters is very simple, and greater healthiness and a purer taste are achieved in tap water.
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