Water filter: Why you should use one

Faucet filter: Why you should use one

A faucet filter is an excellent solution to quickly improve the quality of your tap water at home and remove the need for bottled water. Point of use water filters commonly use granular activated carbon or carbon block to efficiently absorb and remove impurities from the water that comes out of your faucet.

Water filter: Why you should use one

One such impurity is the infamous chlorine which, although harmless in small quantities (< 250 mg/l, as is the case with tap water almost anywhere in the USA and Canada), but often at the origin of the water’s poor taste and unpleasant smell. A high quality faucet filter removes the chlorine while retaining the healthy minerals giving it better taste.

Faucet filters such as TAPP 2 also remove other contaminants including heavy metals that might leech from old water pipes, microplastics, pharmaceuticals and chlorine by-products.

The easiest to use and most convenient type of water filters is faucet filters. Installed directly on your tap/faucet they give you clean, tasty and cheap water anytime.

There are other ways of having clean drinking water at home: reverse osmosis systems, under-the-sink filters, filters with and without limescale-softening agents and of course bottled water. All of these alternatives present significant disadvantages when compared to faucet filters.

Reverse osmosis and under-the-sink solutions tend to be much more expensive and complex for installation and maintenance, while bottled water is a convenience product with a very negative carbon footprint that is unsustainable and significantly more expensive than filtered tap water. Installing and maintaining a faucet filter is also cheaper, easier and eco-friendlier than any of the other options.

Drinking enough water is exceedingly important for the health and well-being of our body. Therefore it goes without saying that the water needs to be of good quality. Using a faucet filter will allow you to get pure and healthy water directly from your tap, conveniently and without having to carry and store heavy plastic bottles.

Obviously we are partial but you have nothing to loose by trying out TAPP 2. It comes with a money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the taste of the filtered water. But trust us, once you have tried, you won’t want to live without it.

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