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Living Green: Why we need to save water and what are the benefits?

Are you a homeowner or are you thinking of buying a house soon? If so, this article is for you. We have been exploring the main reasons why we need to save water and have highlighted 5 of these reasons in this post. Please keep reading…

Reduce future risks of droughts and water shortage

As long as the global population keeps increasing, both for people and wild animals, the need for fresh water will always keep increasing. Besides, agriculture and industry growth is overstretching the available water resources in unimaginable proportions. And because the water resources that we currently rely on have been and will always be either constant or on a decline, the danger of experiencing drought in the coming years is glaring. Therefore, it is important to start saving water now.

One alternative, for people who have gardens, is to use native plants that require less water. Another one to keep the garden and plants green is to install a drip irrigation system, which will not only help with the garden's health but also improve water efficiency.

The only consolation that we hold onto is the fact that water eventually returns to where it comes from through the water cycle. However, this can take thousands of years. With that in mind, our job is to ensure that the water returns to the same spot it came from in each cycle, as well as in the same quantity and quality. This can only be achieved by reducing the amount of water we use and avoiding unnecessary wastage. We also must strive to ensure that the quality of our water isn’t contaminated by our reckless environmental pollution. With the right measures in place, we can better protect future generations against future drought years.

Save energy and money

Assuming that you are planning to buy and own a house the water-related cost will be one of the bigger ongoing expenses. Tap water is generally considered a small cost but when you add up the cost of heating the water it becomes one of the biggest expenses. Therefore reducing the length of showers, the frequency of baths, and the wastewater used in the kitchen can lead to $1000+ in annual savings.

In addition to this houses with a well or away from the main pipeline need a water pump. In some states in the U.S., water pumping consumes over 6 percent of all energy within an average household.

Bottom line: The more water you end up saving in a day, the lesser the energy costs you incur in the long run.

Besides the money you save on energy bills, you also save money by reducing the amount you pay to your water company. Employ basic water conservation techniques today and within no time, you will be saving tens of thousands of water gallons on an annual basis, which translates to thousands of dollars.

Beautifying our surroundings

Without enough water in our world, we will have to forget about important recreational amenities such as swimming pools, golf courses, and spas. But that isn’t even the biggest concern here: The elephant in the room is how the lack of water would greatly jeopardize the beauty of our surroundings. Think of how our freshwater resources beautify our lawns, vegetable gardens, trees, and flowers.

The world is green and beautiful when there is an abundance of water. What’s more; we use water to wash our cars and fill public fountains at parks, both of which make our cities and residential areas beautiful. It is only by conserving water now that we can be guaranteed to never lose out on such uses later on.

Water is a necessity for life

For starters, protecting our natural ecosystems is the surest way of guaranteeing the survival of some endangered species as well as humans. There are tons of aquatic animals that depend on oceans, lakes, ponds, and streams to survive. If we misuse water and turn these important water bodies into dumping sites, we basically destroy the home of many living things.

Have you ever paused to imagine where we would be without fresh water? Well, you probably won’t survive a week; water equals life.

That being said, there is more to saving water than just economizing your usage of this precious commodity. Saving water stretches to minimal usage of fertilizers on your farm, oil, pesticides, and other pollutants that end up finding their way into rivers and streams through soil erosion.

Health & Safety

not flash their business down. Firefighters depend on water to keep us safe from fire. Water in places such as gas stations and health clubs enables those public places to maintain high levels of hygiene. Other places that would become health hazardous without reliable water supply include gyms and restaurants. Reducing our usage of water on a daily basis, now and in the future, means that we remain safe from fire and disease-causing germs later in life.


Start saving water today to save money and keep our planet beautiful and livable for all humans and animals.

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This is a guest post by Lena Linetti

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