8 Best Ecologic Initiatives to Reduce Plastic Waste

8 Best Ecologic Initiatives to Reduce Plastic Waste

A couple of years ago when we started TAPP Water, we were baffled by the dimensions of plastic polution on a global as well as local scale. An early morning stroll on the bach in our home city Barcelona was an eye-opening experience, as it confirmed the shocking stuff we had read about plastic pollution online. Thankfully there are now a lot of organizations now that are fighting plastic waste. First of all, we hope that you've, joined the TAPP Revolution and given up bottled water. Below are 8 of the best initiatives and organizations fighting plastic pollution which we believe are well worth supporting.

Precious Plastic

One of the early initiatives is Precious Plastic. Precious Plastic started as a graduation project by Dutchman Dave Hakkens in 2013 and has quickly evolved into one of the most original and engaging ways of handling plastic waste. The idea is a to build a machine that will allow you to process your own plastic waste and create something new out of it. For now, four different processing principles (extrusion, injection, compression, shredding). It’s all low-cost and DIY, as the website provides all the necessary guidelines and instructions in detail to start building. 8 Best Ecologic Initiatives to Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic Pollution Coalition

PPC is a high-profile movement launched in 2009 to raise awareness around the threat that single-use, disposable plastic poses to the planet. Notable folks have joined the coalition over the last years, including writers Margaret Atwood and Richard Ford, singer Bette Midler and actor Martin Sheen. If you haven’t seen Jeff Bridges’ moving wake-up call yet, check it out here. 8 Best Ecologic Initiatives to Reduce Plastic Waste

Clean Ocean Project

Founded in 2000 on the Canary Islands, the Clean Ocean Project is a donation-based NGO dedicated to raising awareness about the pollution of oceans. They also regularly organize beach cleanings and encourage the avoidance of plastic bags and other single-use plastic items. One of the best and most interesting ecologic initiatives in Spain.

The Ocean Cleanup

The idea behind The Ocean Cleanup, founded in 2013 by 18-year-old Boyan Slut from the Netherlands, is nothing less than the largest ocean cleanup in history, by extracting and intercepting plastic waste in the seas. As one of the most ambitious and exciting environmental projects out there, the project has a scope that is actually too large to properly sum it up in a couple of lines. That is why we encourage you to head over to their website and find out more. This is maybe the most creative ecologic initiative. 8 Best Ecologic Initiatives to Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic Oceans

Supported by a range of organizations and like-minded movements such as the aforementioned PPC, Plastic Oceans is an NGO with an ambitious goal: eradicate all plastic waste from the world’s water ecosystems, including rivers, lakes and, of course, oceans. The organization’s website features a panoply of insightful and shocking facts about plastic waste that will make you think twice before using a plastic bag or purchasing a bottle of water. Ecologic initiatives are necessary for avoiding plastic and cleaning up the oceans.

The Story of Stuff

Founded in 2007, The Story of Stuff is an ecologic initiative that wants to promote more sustainable ways of producing, using and disposing of stuff in daily life. The aim is to raise awareness of the indefensible ways many goods are currently made and consumed through insightful and instructive videos and various petitions which you can sign directly on their site. Our favorite video? The Story of Bottled Water, of course. 8 Best Ecologic Initiatives to Reduce Plastic Waste

Save Our Shores

Educational efforts, cleanup initiatives, and clean boating are three of the pillars this California-based NGO is built upon. Their vision is that of a healthy marine ecosystem, and in order to achieve that, any donation and/or helping hand will be more than welcome.

Let’s Clean Up Europe

Let’s Clean Up Europe is a network that coordinates cleanup actions all across Europe. In 2015, for instance, the folks at LCUE thus organized more than 3000 actions, collecting almost 4000 tonnes of waste from beaches, oceans, and forests. Joining local cleanups or setting them up yourself through LCUE is easy and straightforward! 8 Best Ecologic Initiatives to Reduce Plastic Waste Let's keep fighting against plastic pollution!
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