TAPP vs PUR water filter

TAPP vs PUR water filter

TAPP vs PUR water filter, what’s best?

Choosing the right faucet water filter can be difficult. We will help guide you through the decision of making the right choice of TAPP vs PUR water filters and other brands. First, we analyze the key selection criteria and then provide a summary overview at the end. Note: This TAPP vs PUR Water Filter comparison primarily focuses on EcoPro and PUR Ultimate Horizontal Water Filter. EcoPro Compact offers similar performance but with less capacity.

What does the filter need to remove?

Most tap water in North America and Europe is considered safe to drink (referred to as potable) according to international standards. Generally, tap water is of a higher standard than bottled water thanks to strict regulation. Therefore the main reason for using a water filter is aesthetic in terms of taste and odor. The second reason to use a water filter is that the tap water despite stringent tests might contain contaminants due to pipe corrosion (e.g. lead), organic substances that mix with chlorine to form by-products such as THMs and unregulated contaminants including microplastics. PUR water filters are certified and tested to remove 70+ contaminants. EcoPro and EcoPro Compact has been tested for 100+ contaminants including microplastics. See data sheet.

Will the filter fit your faucet?

The advantage of faucet water filters is that they are easy to install by simply screwing on to the faucet without the need for a plumber or tools. Unfortunately, there is no global standard for water filters, so there are differences and of course many types of designer or non-standard faucets. PUR claims that their faucet filters fit all standard faucets except pullouts and shower faucets. In addition to this, they provide “free” adapters for which customers pay for shipping. TAPP Water similarly claims to support 95% of all faucets excluding shower faucets. They provide a nice guide to help customers identify if the standard adapters will work or if the customer needs an extra adapter. Extra adapters are provided free of charge including free shipping.How much water and will it filter and what is the throughput?
  • PUR claims to filter 100 gallons per cartridge with the recommendation to replace every 2-3 months. Throughput is 0.5 gallons per minute which many customers consider slow.
  • TAPP Water specifies 250 gallons per cartridge, with each cartridge lasting a maximum of 3 months. Throughput is 1 gallon per minute.

How do you know when to replace the filters for TAPP vs PUR Water Filters?

  • PUR provides a time indicator light for when filters need to be replaced. This is set per product but typically it’s every 1-3 months.
  • TAPP provides monitoring and notifications per filter based on household members and usage. When the filter cartridges need to be replaced, notifications are provided by email and via an iOS and Android app. .

What are the cartridges made of?

  • PUR filters are made of ABS plastic and unspecified carbon block material.
  • EcoPro refill cartridges are entirely made out of non-toxic materials including biodegradable plastic. The carbon block is made of organic coconut shells. The CO2 footprint is 80% less than PUR.
TAPP vs PUR water filter

What’s the cost of TAPP vs PUR Water Filters?

  • List price of PUR Ultimate Horizontal Water Filter is $39 + between $18-22 per cartridge.
  • List price of EcoPro is $49 and with yearly replacement refills (1 year = 4 filter cartridges) at $60 per year ($15 per cartridge).

Summary of TAPP vs PUR Water Filters and other water filters:



Contaminants removed

70+ 100+ incl microplastics

Faucet fit

Free adapters + shipping for most faucets

Free adapters for most faucets


0.5 gallon / min

1 gallon / min


100 gallons

~300 gallons (100 gallons for EcoPro Compact)

Recommended time per filter

2-3 months 2-3 months
Monitoring and alerts Time sensor

Usage and time monitoring through app and web

Cartridge material ABS plastic and carbon block

Biodegradable plastic and organic carbon block

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