Top 10 celebrities who care about our oceans

Top 10 celebrities who care about our oceans

Top 10 famosos que se preocupan por nuestros océanos

1. Marisa Miller, supermodel and surfer

Actively promote an ocean-friendly lifestyle: eliminating the use of single-use plastic bottles, incorporating sustainable fish into your regular diet, and choosing products that do not contribute to ocean pollution. She actively collaborates with the Surf Rider Foundation. She is one of the celebrities concerned about having a cleaner ocean.

2. James Cameron, Director of Terminator, Titanic and Avatar

He supports projects to preserve the oceans and was instrumental in convincing President Obama to create the largest ocean sanctuary.

3. Miguel Bosé, singer

He collaborates with the NGO Oceana and has participated in National Geographic's Pristine Seas initiative. He is one of the main famous Spanish activists in favor of the oceans and has been key in the execution of marine conservation projects in Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica.

Top 10 famosos que se preocupan por nuestros océanos

4. Adrian Grenier, actor and director

Passionate about and defender of the oceans, he has drastically reduced his use of disposable plastics and constantly uses social media to invite others to join “conscious consumption” by including small habits in their daily lives. All for an ocean clean of plastics.

5. Pierce Brosnan, actor

Who is going to save our oceans if not James Bond? He had a leading role in the documentary “Océanos” and is an activist regarding oceans and marine life.

6. Jack Johnson, singer

He contributes to numerous NGOs and initiatives for the planet, such as 1% For The Planet, Climate Counts, Heal the Ocean, Live Earth or Waterkeeper Alliance. He recently filmed The Smog of the Sea, a short documentary chronicling a week-long expedition to explore the problem of plastic pollution in the sea.

7. Almudena Fernández, model and eco-activist

She has worked on the Greenpeace campaign to end ocean floor pollution and is Al Gore's spokesperson in Spain. 

Top 10 famosos que se preocupan por nuestros océanos

8. Leonardo DiCaprio, actor

His foundation plays a very relevant role in keeping the ocean clean and disseminating information (recently with the award-winning documentary Before the Flood) about how we can save the planet.

9. Richard Branson, businessman

He is a businessman well known for his fight against carbon dioxide emissions and maintaining current sea levels. He has committed more than $3bn over the next 10 years to combat global warming. Along with James Cameron, he has also launched the Ocean Elders initiative to protect, value and celebrate the clean ocean and its biodiversity.

10. Jason Mraz, musician

He is very active in various projects of organizations such as Surfrider Foundation and Natural Resources Defense Council. He was also interviewed in Sea Voices, a book to unite and inspire people around the planet for healthy oceans.

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