What is the best water for pregnant women?

What is the best water for pregnant women?

Drinking plenty of water during pregnancy is very important, as you need to stay hydrated and provide adequate hydration for the baby. In this case and based on the composition of the water, you must choose what type of water you are going to use between tap water or mineral water for pregnant women.

This way you can take advantage of all the benefits of proper hydration for both of you, since its lack can reduce health well-being and increase the feeling of fatigue, especially during pregnancy. It is essential to drink water, whether mineral or tap, during pregnancy.

To control the quality of the water, if you decide to drink tap water during pregnancy, it is important to use appropriate water meters and filters that guarantee an adequate and balanced composition of the water you drink at this stage, such as those you can find on the Tapp website. Water, which improve water quality thanks to the reduction of lime and metals.

This way you can drink tap water pregnant and in the long run it will save you money to introduce this measure. There are also meters on the market with which to observe water quality, such as TDS, which allow measuring dissolved solids. They indicate both the PH levels of the water and its quality so that you can safely consume and enjoy it throughout your pregnancy.

These devices also indicate the amount of lime so that you can use the necessary filters if necessary, such as a descaler. They facilitate instant reading so that you can control the water you drink at this stage at all times and take the necessary measures to purify the water, for example if it contains a high amount of lime depending on the area in which you live.


Is it appropriate to drink tap water when pregnant?

Drinking tap water while pregnant is discouraged according to the latest research that shows signs that it may affect the fetus during the gestation stage.

The main reason is that it can filter excess particles that must be avoided for the baby's proper growth at this stage.

Although drinking tap water is currently widely recommended to avoid contamination and as part of a healthy lifestyle, this group of researchers agrees in advising you to avoid drinking tap water while you are pregnant.

Drinking tap water while pregnant can be a risk for the formation of the baby. In these cases, excess chlorine and other byproducts can cause alterations in its growth and it is for this reason that it is recommended to disinfect the tap water well during the period in which you are pregnant.

If you must choose between consuming tap water during pregnancy, it is best to opt for using filtered water to eliminate as much as possible of the substances that pose a threat to you and the baby.
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