Can I Drink Tap Water in Seville

Can I Drink Tap Water in Seville

Is it possible to drink tap water in Seville? This is one of the most common doubts among tourists who visit the city every year, especially in the months when the heat is at its hottest.

In today's post we are going to clarify this and other questions that concern citizens, such as whether Seville's water is drinkable, what is its degree of hardness or where the Seville tap water that reaches homes and restaurants in the city comes from.

Is Seville's water drinkable?

For the peace of mind of visitors, you can drink tap water in Seville. In fact, the quality of the water in Seville is excellent.

This was reflected in a 2018 study in which Seville's water appeared among the best in Spain after a blind tasting by the famous sommelier Faustino Muñoz.

These results are the result of the combination of the quality of the supply sources and the purification treatments and quality control of the companies in charge of water management in the city.

In this way, one of the most frequent doubts among users is resolved, and it is also in a very good state of health.

How hard is it?

As far as water hardness is concerned, the first thing to bear in mind is that this factor does not influence its potability or determine its quality.

The degree of hardness of the water is largely determined by the type of soil it comes from. In the case of Seville, the level of hardness is high, similar to that of the province of Jaén.

Many users opt for the installation of special purification filters at the tap, as a complement to the treatments carried out by the competent authorities.

These filters incorporate active carbon and are capable of removing up to 100 different substances, including limescale.

Where does Seville's drinking water come from?

In Seville you can drink tap water in any home and this is largely thanks to the six reservoirs that supply the city, including:

La Minilla
El Gergal
El Pintado
It is worth noting that three of these reservoirs that facilitate the arrival of water in Seville (Aracena, Zufre and La Minilla) have hydroelectric power stations.

In addition, the city's water supply sources also bring water to other locations such as Coria del Río, Camas, Dos Hermanas, La Rinconada and Alcalá de Guadaira.
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