Tap water: Facts and Insights

8 September, 2016 Jeff Tapp Water leave a comment

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Drinking water: essential habits for your health

1 September, 2016 Erik leave a comment

Drinking water: Essential habits for your health and how much water should you drink a day

Water, as you might know, is the essence of life, and, as such, it is vital for your health. Just like a plant, your body needs water in order to correctly function. Water indeed has numerous benefits for your health, body, and organs, such as:

Avoiding dehydration, Providing cells with oxygen, Moisturising skin and other tissues, Avoiding congestion, Strengthening muscles. how much water should you drink a dayhow much water … <a class=Read more…

Water filter: Why you should use one

4 July, 2016 Jeff Tapp Water leave a comment

A water filter is an excellent solution to quickly improve the quality of your tap water at home and remove the need for bottled water. Point of use water filters commonly use granular activated carbon or carbon block to efficiently absorb and remove impurities from the water that comes out of your faucet.

One such impurity is the infamous chlorine which, although harmless in small quantities (< 250 mg/l, as is the … Read more…

Bottled water vs tap water

9 June, 2016 Erik leave a comment

There are a lot of myths related to tap water and bottled water. Here are the top 3 debunked:

1. Bottled water is better than tap water

Thanks to decades of myth-building, the common belief is that bottled water is better than tap water.

This is not true.

In North America and Western Europe about 99% … Read more…

5 Water Consumption Myths Debunked

26 May, 2016 Erik leave a comment

#1 Water consumption myths: Tap water is not safe to drink.

Untrue. Tap water in the USA and Canada is of high quality. Public water supply is subject to numerous automated and very strict controls every minute. Controls for bottled water, on the other hand, are much more lenient. Rather you should be worried about the highly controversial BPA, present in many plastic bottles and potentially very harmful for your health. Don’t believe this water consumption myth.

Water Consumption MythsWater Consumption … <a class=Read more…