What is the #jointheTAPPrevolution?

6 November, 2017 Erik leave a comment

What is the #jointheTAPPrevolution? In most of North America and Europe, we are fortunate enough to have clean healthy water. Despite this, more and more people are replacing tap water with bottled water. This year more than 250 billion bottles of water will be sold whereas less than 10% are recycled.

But there is a solution in many parts of the world, and it’s called tap water.

At TAPP Water we promote the drinking of tap water through education, marketing, affordable water filters, refillable bottles and other tools and products. We present the facts based on known science about drinking water, contaminants, health impact and more.

TAPP comes from a combination of tap and app as our TAPP app plays an important role in keeping … Read more…

Why should you drink tap water?

6 November, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Environmentalists keep warning about the dangers of plastic bottles to our nature, animals and health. At the same time, media and some experts are warning that the tap water is full of pharmaceuticals, microplastics, heavy metals and chemicals. Who should you believe? What’s the truth?

Here are 5 facts about why you should drink tap water (filtered or unfiltered):

It’s generally safe and healthy

drink tap waterdrink tap waterRead more…

Apple and cinnamon infused water (recipe)

31 October, 2017 Erik leave a comment

It is apple season! Yellow, green, red… you go to the supermarket and you find apples of all shapes and colors. Well, here is the good news: apples are great for boosting your metabolism and getting rid of toxins.

And there are more ways to benefit from their properties than making an apple pie our sauce: preparing your own apple infused water. And, if you add cinnamon, on top of adding extra flavor, it will help lower your blood sugar level.

Please bear in mind that the ingredients take between 2 to 4 hours to properly infuse, so make sure you prepare it in advance.

Ingredients and machinery: 1 liter of filtered water 1 sliced apple* 1 cinnamon stick* 1 … Read more…

Detox cucumber and lime infused water Recipe

16 October, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Although autumn is already here, October is always a month with changing weather and there are still some days of heat. These days are perfect for a refreshing cucumber and lime infused water to wake up in the morning full of energy.

This recipe should be prepared ideally the night before to let the ingredients infuse.

It can be kept in the fridge overnight for extra freshness (our recommended option) in the morning or left covered on the kitchen counter and be drank at room temperature.

Ingredients and machinery:

1 liter of filtered water 1/4 cucumber* 1/2 lime* 1 glass jar (1L capacity)

* Try to buy these ingredients package-free, from local producers and grown without pesticides.

Cucumber & lime water … Read more…

What is crowdfunding and why is TAPP 2 crowdfunding?

9 October, 2017 Erik leave a comment

“TAPP 2 looks amazing but I don’t understand why I have to pre-order it on a crowdfunding page?” – Anonymous customer

In the past 5 years, crowdfunding pages such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have become synonymous with innovative technology. Well-known examples include Occulus VRPebble watchCoolest Cooler  and Amabrush. Each one of them had worked on the technology for years but used crowdfunding to launch to a community of people that embrace new solutions to solve problems in our day-to-day life’s. Tech for social good is a big category.

Crowdfunding helps companies validate ideas, solutions, technology and market communication early on. More importantly, though, it gives consumers early and highly discounted access to new products and services before … Read more…

Where in the world can I drink tap water?

25 September, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Wherever we travel or live in the world we all need fresh drinking water. The easiest, cheapest and the most environmentally friendly way is if it comes from the tap but is it safe? Where can I drink tap water in the world?

At TAPP Water we encourage the use of tap water wherever it’s safe to drink.

Therefore we’ve created a guide for travelers and residents about where the tap water is safe to drink. The guide will grow over time but here’s the starting point:

UNITED STATES and CANADA General for the United States Please e-mail us on [email protected] and we will add your city or country to the list. EUROPEGermany Overall  Italy … Read more…

What does an activated carbon water filter remove?

22 September, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Active Carbon is pretty miraculous in terms of it’s abilities to remove toxins, odor and bad taste from tap water. But understanding how and when it works can be complicated and confusing.

Here’s a simple overview.

How does it work?

Activated carbon filters are small pieces of carbon, in granular or block form, that have been … Read more…

How to prepare a calming chamomile and mint infused water

5 September, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Coming back from the summer holidays and getting back to a more normal rhythm can be a challenge.

We hope to help you out a little by sharing this recipe of a calming chamomile and mint infused water that will make you ready to sleep like a baby.

This recipe is very easy and takes almost no time to prepare. But bear in mind that you need to prepare it 3-4h (minimum) before going to bed in order to let the ingredients infuse.

Ingredients and machinery: 1 liter of filtered water 1 spoonful/bag of chamomile* tea 1 lemon* 1 handful of fresh mint* 1 infuser (if the chamomile is in bulk instead of in a tea bag) 1 glass jar … Read more…