How to recycle plastics

14 July, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Recycle plastics. We normally talk about refuse, reduce and reuse, but recycling also plays an important role in reducing pollution and build a more sustainable world.

Simply recycling plastics does not make up for the environmental damage done when the resource is extracted or when the plastic is manufactured. So for safer alternatives use resealable glass containers to store and heat food, a stainless “to-go” coffee cup instead of single-use plastics. As for water, find a reusable bottle which suits your need.

But if reducing plastic waste to zero is too challenging, then here’s a guide for you on the best and worst alternatives:

The main plastics to avoid are: PVC – Plastic 3: PVC or polyvinyl chloride, is commonly considered … Read more…

8 Best Ecologic Initiatives to Reduce Plastic Waste

26 May, 2017 Erik leave a comment

A couple of years ago when we started TAPP Water, we were baffled by the dimensions of plastic polution on a global as well as local scale. An early morning stroll on the bach in our home city Barcelona was an eye-opening experience, as it confirmed the shocking stuff we had read about plastic pollution online.

Thankfully there are now a lot of organizations now that are fighting plastic waste.

First of all, we hope that you’ve, joined the TAPP Revolution and given up bottled water.

Below are 8 of the best initiatives and organizations fighting plastic pollution which we believe are well worth supporting.

Precious Plastic

One of the early initiatives is Precious Plastic. Precious Plastic started … Read more…

Sustainable tourism in Spain = less plastic

25 May, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Sustainable tourism: In 2016 Spain was the third most visited country in the world with 75.3 million tourists. This is great for the economy and job creation but what is the impact on the environment? Besides CO2 emissions from transportation by plane and car, the biggest environmental impact is from water usage and plastic waste.

Because of the hot climate and the tendency of tourists to consume more water when on holiday than they do at home, the amount used can run up to 440 liters a day. This is more than double what the inhabitants of an average Spanish city use and has a major impact on the areas with water shortage in Spain.

In addition to this, tourists … Read more…

We win even when we fail

24 April, 2017 Erik leave a comment

We are on a mission to get people to drink tap water and stop single-use plastics. This is a huge challenge because it’s difficult to change human behavior and the commercial gain for TAPP Water is often limited.  But let’s get back to this at the end.

Our mission is based on success in 3 areas:

Education – sharing facts and information about the benefits and quality of tap water. Because in most European countries the quality of tap water is just as good as bottled water. Product – providing an easy to use, affordable and ultimately effective water filter that delivers tasty and clean water from the tap. This is TAPP 2. But we not only stop … Read more…


Top 3 not-so-obvious tips to make a perfect Numi Organic Tea

28 March, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, only preceded by water. However, after years and years of evolving tea brewing techniques (originally in China more than 4,000 years ago), it seems like we still struggle to prepare the perfect cuppa. We have done some research to find the best tea tricks. And no, we are not going to talk about tea quantities or time of infusion. We know you probably have that figured out. Instead, we will share some “grandmother” secrets that you should apply to go from an OK tea to a “Downton Abbey” worth one. We have put these tricks into practice and can tell you that they truly make … Read more…

Top 10 celebrities that care about the oceans

22 March, 2017 Erik leave a comment

clean oceansclean oceans

Marisa Miller, supermodel and surfer

Actively promotes an ocean-friendly lifestyle: one that eliminates single-use plastic water bottles, and incorporates sustainable seafood choices, as well as products that keep pollutants out of the ocean. Actively works with the Surf Rider Foundation. Marisa Miller is an activist who cares about clean oceans.

James Cameron, Director of Terminator, Titanic, and Avatar

Supports ocean conservation and played a key … Read more…

5 ways to save the oceans

15 March, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Save the oceans: Our nature, rivers, and oceans are getting polluted by plastic among other things. Soon we won’t be able to eat the fish anymore if they even survive due to the amount of plastic and microplastics. Our previous blog and videos show some of the damage we’ve already done.

Here are five ways you can positively impact the Oceans by reducing plastic waste:

Use and shop sustainable products and brands

Avoid buying and using single-use plastic bottles and plastic bags whenever you can.

Say no to plastic in restaurants and bars

Ask for tap water when possible. Say no to unnecessary plastic for take-out food or straws in the bar.


If you have to use … Read more…

10 reasons plastic is a bigger threat than Trump

27 February, 2017 Erik leave a comment

Plastic is an amazing material for making things and packaging to keep food and drinks fresh. But unfortunately, there’s a backside, which is that plastic is a bigger threat than Trump. Over the past couple of years, awareness of the issues with plastic pollution in our oceans have increased but most people still don’t know how bad it is.

Here are a few key facts to understand why plastic is a bigger threat than Trump: Plastic is the most common type of marine litter worldwide. Plastic is listed as the number one threat to our marine ecosystem. Over the last ten years, we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century. Enough plastic is thrown … Read more…