Infographic: Where does all the plastic end up

10 December, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

Have you ever wondered where all the plastic ends up after we’ve consumed it? Maybe you think that the bottles you recycle every week become new plastic bottles? Or that all the plastic found in the oceans were thrown in there by someone?

We went on a mission to find out the truth.

What we found was worse than we could have ever imagined.

Here’s an overview of the Top 10 Facts of where all the plastic ends up. We hope it helps you and others wake up to the reality and help so something about it.

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The best healthy and environmentally friendly green gifts for Christmas and New Year’s

8 December, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

Looking for green gifts for Christmas for your loved ones? Perfect! Here are a couple of water related green gift s for Christmas by the TAPP Water team:

1. TAPP Water Filter

green gifts: a water filtergreen gifts: a water filter

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. A water filter that anyone can install themselves in the … Read more…

Christmas infused water recipe

7 December, 2018 Joan leave a comment

This Christmas we’d like to offer you a Christmas infused water recipe. A mix of fruits & flowers with the scents of the holidays!

It’s super easy to prepare it and you can do it in a big dose. Keep it in a cool and dry place (away from light and heat) and you can use it until next Cristmas.

First let’s see the ingredients:

Hibiscus flowers Sweet orange zest Rose petals Chopped almonds Cardamom seeds Cloves Vanilla Filtered tap water

The quantities of the ingredients could be made to fit to your own taste!

To prepare the infusion, simply pour the hot water over the mix described above (one tablespoon for 200ml) and leave it to brew for 5 mins … Read more…

10 Great Sustainable Christmas Gift Tips

5 December, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

Thinking about a sustainable Christmas gift for a family member or friend?

Here are 10 awesome sustainable Xmas gift tips that are great presents and also good for the planet starting from as little as $20.

1. A year of clean healthy water

Do you have family or friends who are carrying home heavy and expensive water bottles from the store or using an old Brita filter? Help their back, wallet and the planet with a water filter for the kitchen.

There are lots of water filter options but based on 10,000+ happy customers we know whoever you give it to will like this one.

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Remove atrazine from tap water

How to remove atrazine from tap water

30 November, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

More and more people are concerned about herbicides or more specifically how to remove atrazine from tap water. And the concern is real.

In the past year the second-most sprayed weed killer in the U.S., atrazine was detected in 27 states at 1361 different water utilities, affecting 29 million people.

In many cases the amounts were well above EPAs limit. But even if they were not it’s still a health risk.

In this article we will dwell deeper into the health risks of atrazine, how to know if you have it in your tap water and how to remove it. Or you can just skip to the summary at the end.

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10 benefits of infused water

28 November, 2018 Rocio leave a comment

We’ve told you why filtered tap water is healthier than bottled water, but what are the benefits of homemade infused water?

The local supermarket shelves are stacked with enhanced water such as vitamin water, herbal water, flavored water, life water and, yes, skinny water. Most cost 500-1000x tap water and contain artificial extracts that might even be unhealthy for you.

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Water Filter Comparison

PUR, Culligan, ZeroWater, Brita Water Filter Comparison

20 November, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

If you’re looking for a water filter comparison of the top brands such as PUR, Brita, TAPP, Culligan and Zerowater then look no further. We’ve tested and reviewed the top water pitchers and faucet water filters based on 7 criteria such as design, filtering capabilities, water flow, ease to install, cartridge material and yearly cost. First we look at each of these attributes and rate them and then summarize all at the end. So let’s get started with the water filter comparison. 1. Design and quality Shape and colours are subjective to measure. However, industrial design can be assessed in terms of functionality, robustness and simplicity. Based on this measure two of the filters stand out including PUR ultimate horizontal … Read more…

filling glass with water

TAPP vs PUR water filter

13 November, 2018 Rocio leave a comment

TAPP vs PUR water filter, what’s best?

Choosing the right faucet water filter can be difficult. We will help guide you through the decision of making the right choice of TAPP vs PUR water filters and other brands. First, we analyze the key selection criteria and then provide a summary overview at the end.

Note: This TAPP vs PUR Water Filter comparison primarily focuses on TAPP 2 and PUR Ultimate Horizontal Water Filter.

What does the filter need to remove?

Most tap water in North America and Europe is considered safe to drink (referred to as potable) according to international standards. Generally, tap water is of a higher standard than bottled water thanks to strict regulation. Therefore the main … Read more…