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Best Water Filters 2019

Best Water Filters 2020

What are the best water filters to buy in 2020? We list some of the top products from affordable faucet water filters to expensive whole house filters.

Why do you need a water filter?

In the past year interest in drinking water has gathered pace. Tap water issues have been reported by EWG, CDC and EPA in the US and similar organizations around world. Plastic pollution in our oceans and nature was elevated as a global crisis. Testing by Orb Media across 4 continents even found microplastics in 83% of all tap water samples as well as 90% of bottled water in the US.

For many people, it’s been an eye-opener. Because even if most public tap water in the US, Canada and Europe is safe to drink there are many known risks such as lead, chlorine by-products and most recently microplastics. With a water filter you can drastically reduce these risks and get better tasting water at the same time. 

Due to this interest in water filters is at an all-time high. So what is the best and most affordable way to get tasty and clean tap water? Hint: It’s not bottled water.

Best Water Filters 2020

Here’s a top list of the best water filters to buy in 2020: 

1. TAPP 2 faucet filter

Best Water Filters 2019

This is the Dyson of water simple to use water filters. It’s small, affordable, environmentally friendly, easy to use and probably one of the best tap water filters. TAPP 2 launched in 2018 filters over 80 common contaminants including e.g. chlorine, pesticides, herbicide, lead, most pharmaceuticals, and microplastics. Probably one of the best water filters on our list. 

The water flows through activated carbon which is one of the most absorbent materials known to man, and it is uniquely effective because of millions of tiny pores that it can absorb. The highly compressed carbon block used in TAPP 2 filters particles as small as 2 microns but leaves most of the healthy minerals.

The cartridges are made of organic coconut shell and biodegradable plastic and last about 3 months. Once used up they can be disposed with organic waste.

TAPP offers two versions of the filter including a smart connected version that monitors filter status, savings, eliminated bottles, CO2 reduction and a manual version. Both work with the MyTAPP app.


From $49 and $60 per year.

Where to buy: 

2. Mitte counter-top filter

Best Water Filters 2019

Are you looking for the best water filters? This is the Rolls Royce of water filters. Mitte purifies water with a distillation-based method removing pretty much any potential contaminant. Then, Mitte makes the water healthy by enhancing it with essential minerals.

In simple terms, the water is first heated to boiling temperature. Then the water vapor rises to a condenser where cooling water lowers the temperature so the vapor is condensed, collected and stored. The contaminants stay behind in a small container with an average of 3% waste according to Mitte. The result is clean fresh tap water.

To start with Mitte offers 3 different kinds of mineral cartridges including Balance, Vitality and Alkaline lasting about 3 months each.

3. Soma

Best Water Filters 2019

When Soma came out with their first carafe in 2013 it was a fresh redesign of the carafe filter. Since then they’ve kept going strong with a new and improved version launched in 2017.

Soma uses activated coconut shell carbon which is certified to reduce chlorine, improve taste and odor. The casing is made of plant-based material. Simply put it delivers great tasting water with minimal plastic waste.

Soma offers several sizes and versions. We especially like the glass version because of its slick design and minimal use of plastic.


$49 for carafe + first filter

Where to buy:

4. TAPP 1 faucet filter

Best Water Filters 2019

This is the first generation of faucet water filters by TAPP. During the past year, it’s become a household brand in Europe thanks to its ease of use, affordability, and quality.

TAPP 1 uses activated carbon to remove or reduce over 70 contaminants including e.g. chlorine, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), pesticides, herbicides as well as poor taste and odor.

We like it because it’s affordable, efficient and high quality. Water leakage is considerably less than other similar products and water flow is very good. In conclusion it’s one of the best faucet water filters for a low budget.


$60 per year for the yearly subscription service including the filter unit and 4 cartridges

$39 for the standalone filter with one filter.

Where to buy: or Amazon

5. Aquasana whole house filter

Best Water Filters 2019

For house and apartment owners that want filtered water everywhere, a whole house filter can be a good option. After extensive testing, our top choice is Aquasana whole house filters.

Aquasana Rhino includes a pre-filter for sediment, a copper-zinc & mineral stone to reduce water-soluble heavy metals, and scale and inhibits bacteria and algae growth and activated carbon to reduce herbicides, pesticides and other chemical compounds that may be present.

We like the filtering technology which is water and energy efficient versus e.g. reverse osmosis (RO). Each filter lasts 4 million liters of water or probably a year or more.


Approximately $3000 incl water softener + installation cost.

Where to buy:

So what is the best water filter 2020?

It’s really up to the needs and budget of each household. Each has pros and cons bit if you want something simple and affordable that works for most households then try out TAPP 2.

Also read our guide comparing the best faucet water filters.

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4 thoughts on “Best Water Filters 2020”

  1. I reside in a nycha development. Can you advise me on which be the best quality water filter i should invest in for me and my family? Thanks.

    1. Hi Sandra,

      Yes, the TAPP 2 Twist filter will be great for you. It will make the water taste great and remove all common tap water contaminants in public water and old pipes. Please e-mail us on [email protected] to learn more.

      The TAPP Water Team

  2. Actually, all you need to do is let your water run for a few minutes before you fill your glass and when you feel it is running cold you can be sure that fresh water is coming from the main and not from having water that’s been lying in pipes leaching lead over night.

    1. Hi Sanford,

      Thank you for your suggestion. This is mostly correct.

      (1) you may not always remember to run the taps,
      (2) its water wasting and not recommended for areas with water shortage and
      (3) it doesnt solve the issue of the tap water tasting bad due to chlorination and other content. Also, running the water will not remove other contaminants such as microplastics and chlorine bi-products found in most tap water.

      But then again most tap water in Europe and the US is probably safe to drink.

      The TAPP Water Team

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