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TAPP Coupon Code

TAPP Coupon Code, Discounts, Offers and Promos

7 April, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Looking for a TAPP coupon code, discount, offer or promotions? You’ve come to the right place.

Although we believe that the TAPP products provide great value at retail price we are always eager to attract more people to the TAPP Revolution. Therefore we frequently offer promotions for TAPP products on our website.

We will also always match prices on TAPP products offered at discount on other market places to make sure you get the best price. Finally we will match the annual cost of the equivalent faucet water filters by Brita and PUR. Just send us a link including the price as you perceive it.

To ensure that you get the best available promotion right now please Read more…

tap water in NYC

Can you drink NYC tap water?

7 April, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Ever wondered what makes New York pizza so special? What is the secret behind this deliciously unique slice of pizza?

Some simply call it “NYC tap water”, while others put it on a pedestal and coin it as the “champagne of tap water”. Whatever you want to call it, rest assured that New York City has one of the best quality tap water in America. New … Read more…

tap water in toronto

Can you drink Toronto tap water?

7 April, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Can I drink the tap water in Toronto? Do I need a water filter in Toronto?

Toronto tap water comes from the bordering Lake Ontario and is safe according to Canadian standards. The City has come a long way since the typhoid epidemics of the 1800s. As a matter of fact, Toronto was one of the first cities in the world to introduce Chlorine to tap water in order to kill pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

Despite the water being safe to drink, some areas might find that water tastes and smells bad, because of that same Chlorine. Then there is the risk of lead, for buildings built before the mid-1950s. The City has been raising awareness, especially … Read more…

What does activated carbon water filters remove?

7 April, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Active Carbon is pretty miraculous in terms of it’s abilities to remove contaminants, odor and bad taste from tap water. But how does it work, what does it remove and do you need an activated carbon water filter?

We explore the topics based on the facts available.

How does activated carbon remove contaminants?


Activated carbon filters are small pieces of … Read more…

can i drink the tap water in china?

Can I drink the tap water in China?

4 April, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Living in, moving to or traveling to China and want to know if you can drink the tap water China?

Access to safe and clean water is essential to human health. Therefore it’s no surprise that public concern over drinking water safety has risen sharply in recent years following a number of water pollution incidents.

As with many countries the answer for China depends on where you are and what you consider clean water. In this article we will explore it and where you can drink the tap water, where it comes from, how it’s treated water filters for China and bottled water.

Where does the tap water in China come

Historically most populated of areas in China have … Read more…

best sink water filter

What’s the Best Sink Water Filter?

26 March, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Looking for a sink water filter? Finding lots of cheap water filters on Amazon but don’t know which one to buy? Here’s why you shouldn’t buy any water filter unless it’s been independently tested by a trusted lab.

Can you trust a cheap water filter for the sink?

It’s become easier than ever to manufacturer cheap consumer products in China. Therefore the Internet, Amazon and millions of small online stores provide super-cheap copies or alternatives to established branded products.

But when it comes to drinking water, don’t gamble. Many of the product descriptions on Amazon and eBay are simply fabricated. They claim 7 stage filters when in fact it’s a standard activated carbon filter with low quality. If it looks too … Read more…

Water purifier for home

Why everyone may need a water purifier for home

25 March, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Why would we need a water purifier for home if we have clean public tap water?

Tap water that comes from the public water supplier is highly regulated and therefore safe when it leaves the water treatment plant. But what happens after this? Is the tap water that comes out of your faucet safe? Should we worry about it? What is the best water purifier for the home?

In this blog we will explore why everyone might want to consider a home water purifier if they want to keep themselves and their families safe.

Ageing Water Infrastructure

In North America, clean drinking water is generally available from the tap. However, the drinking water infrastructure … Read more…

Best Faucet Water Filters

25 March, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

So you’re interested in finding the best faucet water filter? We tested over 30 available water filters on faucet before we started TAPP Water. Recently we tested them again and here’s a short summary of how we identified the best faucet filters.

Why do you need a filter?

Before anything else, you need to answer this question. Our initial focus was Europe and North America, where about 99% of the population has access to drinkable clean tap water today. This means that the main reasons for needing a water filter generally are:

Improve the taste of the water by removing chlorine, water hardness and other elements that contribute to poor taste and odor. Protect from possible contaminants leeching from pipes such as … Read more…