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TAPP vs PUR water filter

13 November, 2018 Rocio leave a comment

TAPP vs PUR water filter, what’s best?

Choosing the right faucet water filter can be difficult. We will help guide you through the decision of making the right choice of TAPP vs PUR water filters and other brands. First, we analyze the key selection criteria and then provide a summary overview at the end.

Note: This TAPP vs PUR Water Filter comparison primarily focuses on TAPP 2 and PUR Ultimate Horizontal Water Filter.

What does the filter need to remove?

Most tap water in North America and Europe is considered safe to drink (referred to as potable) according to international standards. Generally, tap water is of a higher standard than bottled water thanks to strict regulation. Therefore the main … Read more…

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Can you drink tap water in Newark and New Jersey?

1 November, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

Can you drink Newark tap water? Until recently the official response was a definite yes.

The challenge with tap water is that the source of the water and what leaves the water plant can be safe but the water coming out of your tap isn’t. Much of the US water pipe network is old and lags in terms of maintenance and therefore ends up contaminating the water. If lead remains anywhere in the network including your building the pipes can leach lead, it will end up in your drinking water. This is what recently happened in Newark and could happen practically anywhere.

Furthermore microplastics have also been found in all samples of tap and bottled water across the US.

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Can you drink Chicago tap water?

1 November, 2018 Yohann Bensadoun leave a comment

Just like when it comes to pizza, Chicagoans are as proud of their tap water as New Yorkers. Chicago tap water is generally safe to drink and tastes great. Unfortunately lead is often found and even if it’s usually below regulated levels there is no safe level for children. Therefore it’s recommended to use an affordable faucet filter certified for lead removal such as TAPP.

Where does Chicago tap water come from?

The tap water in Chicago comes from Lake Michigan which is one of the largest lakes in the world. Water from Lake Michigan enters the intake crib at depths of 20 to 30 feet.

What is in Chicago tap water and who regulates it?

Both the EPA and the … Read more…

How many people consume bottled water globally?

29 October, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

How many people consume bottled water globally? The bottled water market globally is rapidly growing with approximate 600 million households consuming bottled water in 2018. That’s more than 100 billion gallons (391 Billion litres) of water per year or 1 million bottles per minute.

As a consequence our oceans are literary swimming in plastic. swimming in plastic trashswimming in plastic trash

And despite initiatives around the world to … Read more…

Microplastics in water

How to filter and remove microplastics from tap water

23 October, 2018 Erik leave a comment

Maybe you have read lately the recent news that 93% of bottled water around the world and 92% of tap water is contaminated with microplastics. A recent report also concludes that most human poo contains microplastics and we have no idea what the impact of this is on humans. 

The two studies of of bottled water and tap water by Orb Media are the largest of their kind. Orb Media analyzed 250 bottles from 9 different countries around the globe. An average of 40 plastic particles per gallon, each larger than the width of a human hair, were found in bottled water.

Microplastics in bottled waterRead more…

Best Drinking Water Filters 2018

1 October, 2018 Erik leave a comment

What are the best water filters to buy in 2018? We list some of the top products from affordable to super expensive.

In the past year interest in drinking water gathered pace. Tap water issues were reported by EWG and EPA in the US and similar organizations around Europe. Plastic pollution in our oceans and nature was elevated as a global crisis. Testing by Orbs across 4 continents even found microplastics in 83% of all tap water samples.

For many people, it was an eye-opener and interest in water filters is at an all-time high. So what is the best and most affordable way to get tasty and clean tap water?

Here’s a top list of the best water filters … Read more…

Filter guide for drinking water

26 September, 2018 Erik leave a comment

You’re considering getting a water filter but how do you find the right one?

Try with this drinking water filter guide.

The first question you should ask is what problem you want to solve?

Here are a couple of examples:

Your water drinkable (potable) but tastes and smells poorly Concerned about or there is a risk of lead contamination Worried about specific contaminants such as micro plastics, nitrates, chlorine by-products, etc in your water The tap water is not drinkable and needs to be treated due to risk of e.g. bacteria (Legionella, E.coli) or viruses (enteroviruses)? You simply want to ensure that your water is safe to drink?

Generally public tap water in Europe and North America is safe to … Read more…

This startup will save you hundreds of $$ on bottled water

19 September, 2018 Magnus leave a comment


Tapp Water media coverage bannerTapp Water media coverage banner

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