Can I drink water in…?

Can you drink DC tap water

22 March, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Washington DC tap water is generally safe to drink according to EPA but there are risks. The most commonly reported is lead due to old pipes and leeching as well as the more recent problem of microplastics. We explore where the water comes from, how it’s treated and how to ensure it’s safe to drink.


Where does DC tap water come from? Washington D.C. tap water is brought to millions of citizens by the Washington Aqueduct. It supplies drinking water to approximately one million citizens living, working, or visiting in the District of Columbia, Arlington County, VA, and the City of Falls Church, VA, and its service area. This extremely low turbidity provides excellent barrier against pathogens such as Cryptosporidium and … Read more…

Water filter in Cologne

Can i drink the tap water in Cologne?

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Do you know enough about the Tap Water in Cologne?

Germany is generally considered an environmentally progressive nation. In fact, it is one of the European countries that are most committed to recycling. In addition to this the tap water treatment is of the highest standard with clean healthy tap water as a result. Therefore, you might assume that Germans would prefer tap water to bottled water. Strangely, this isn’t necessarily the case.

In this blog we will provide an overview of the the tap water in the Cologne area and why many people prefer bottled water over tap water. We will also explore tap water contaminants such as lead, microplastics and THMs and why it might be good to … Read more…

Can I drink the tap water in Munich

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“Tap Water in Munich is Better than Many Bottled Waters”

– The German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest (foundation for tests of goods)

When you live in a country or city where the tap water is generally good, you tend to take it for granted. But considering that 2/3 of our bodies are made up of water we should take more interest. Just because the tap water was safe 20 years ago also doesn’t mean that it’s safe today. New contaminants are constantly found with the most recent being PFAS and microplastics. There are also risks that your local pipes leech contaminants such as lead and copper or that chlorine combined with organic materials turn into THMs and … Read more…

can i drink the tap water in Hamburg

Can I drink the tap water in Hamburg?

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Can you Drink Tap Water in Hamburg?

Water: the one thing we never seem to think enough about when we live somewhere or go on a holiday. Some people just assume that since the government says it’s safe, it is. Others are highly skeptical and therefore buy countless of bottles of water or use a filter.

Having that in mind, what about the tap water in Hamburg? Can I drink the tap water in Hamburg without contacting some weird disease?

To put your mind at ease, yes: Hamburg tap water is safe to drink. Like most tap water sources in Germany, the water comes from trusted sources – therefore, making it safe for people to drink. Still, there are some … Read more…

Can you drink the tap water in Milan Italy

Can you drink the tap water in Milan?

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Can and should you drink the tap water in Milan?

Whether you live in a place or going there as a tourist, it makes sense to do some research about the quality of the tap water. Drinking unsafe water could lead to both immediate problems such as stomach illness and long term health problems.

With that said, can you drink tap water in Milan or not? Yes, according to this official source, Italy is one of the European countries in which drinking tap water is safe and this applies to Milan specifically.

There are some risks though including leeching pipes from old building (lead or other heavy metals), chlorine bi-products and microplastics. To avoid these risks use an affordable faucet … Read more…

tap water in dubi and water filter in dubai

Can I drink the tap water in Dubai?

1 February, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Yes, you can generally drink the tap water in Dubai and other parts of UAE but there are some potential risks to consider. Avoid bottled water if you can as there are no proven health benefits and plastic is bad for the environment and potentially human health.

Continue reading for everything you need to know about tap water, bottled water and water filters in Dubai.


In the last four decades the desert city of Dubai, the busiest business hub in the UAE, has turned into a place which can beat any foreign city in terms of its living standards. It has a vibrant and cosmopolitan environment which is supported by an advanced, substantial infrastructure . There’s economic and political … Read more…

Singapore Tap Water and Skyline

Can I drink the tap water in Singapore?

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Can I Drink Tap Water in Singapore?

This is a legit question, if you live in or planning to travel to Singapore. And the answer is positive: yes, you can drink tap water in Singapore. In fact, according to official sources, on the Asian continent, Singapore is one of the few countries where the tap water is safe for drinking, alongside Hong Kong, Brunei, Israel, South Korea, and Japan.

In spite of this, most people drink bottled water or boil their tap water before drinking it. But this isn’t because Singapore tap water is unsafe, but merely because this used to be a local practice, as, in the past, the tap water wasn’t safe to drink. There are also … Read more…

Can I drink Hong Kong tap water

Can I drink the tap water in Hong Kong?

21 January, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Yes, you can drink the tap water in Hong Kong. The water treatment in Hong Kong matches that of the US and Western European countries and WHO standards. The main risk is contaminants from pipes in older buildings and unregulated contaminants such as microplastics.

Therefore, Hong Kong residents living in older buildings or that simply want to reduce risk may want to use a water filter.

For tourists visiting and staying in hotels (especially those built in the past 20 years) tap is most likely safer than bottled water.

Below we will explore why.

Where does the water come from?

Hong Kong doesn’t have enough fresh water supply on the islands so therefore 80-90% of the water supply is imported … Read more…