swimming in plastic trash

Pledge less plastic and share = Less plastic in the oceans

23 January, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

Take this 30-day pledge to reduce plastic waste and we will donate 1€ for every pledge + share on social media.

2018 was the year when media made plastic pollution a major issue for the planet. Despite this the amount of plastic produced and consumed increased by about 4%.

Can we make 2019 the year when we reduce plastic waste?

Eliminating single use plastic is really hard for most people. Most products we buy every day are wrapped in plastic in some way (vegetables, snacks, coffee, tea, etc).

To reduce plastic waste we need to make it easy and convenient. Therefore we’ve focused on 3 sources of plastic that anyone can avoid without a complete lifestyle change.

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Pros and cons of biodegradable plastics (bioplastics)

Pros and cons of biodegradable plastics (bioplastics)

3 January, 2019 Magnus leave a comment

What are the pros and cons of biodegradable plastics? Are biodegradable plastics (bioplastics) good for the planet? Are the waste management systems prepared for biodegradable plastic waste? How fast do biodegradable plastics break down? We’ve spend a lot of time researching and pondering these topics. In this blog we will attempt to answer the most common questions on use of bioplastics.

Could we give up single use plastic?

The best thing would be if we could simply give up single use plastics. Refuse, reduce and reuse should always be the priority. Examples of success in reducing use of plastic include

charging for or banning plastic bags as there are good alternatives making customers ask for straws for drinks in fast food … Read more…

Infographic: Where does all the plastic end up

10 December, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

Have you ever wondered where all the plastic ends up after we’ve consumed it? Maybe you think that the bottles you recycle every week become new plastic bottles? Or that all the plastic found in the oceans were thrown in there by someone?

We went on a mission to find out the truth.

What we found was worse than we could have ever imagined.

Here’s an overview of the Top 10 Facts of where all the plastic ends up. We hope it helps you and others wake up to the reality and help so something about it.

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The best healthy and environmentally friendly green gifts for Christmas and New Year’s

8 December, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

Looking for green gifts for Christmas for your loved ones? Perfect! Here are a couple of water related green gift s for Christmas by the TAPP Water team:

1. TAPP Water Filter

green gifts: a water filtergreen gifts: a water filter

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. A water filter that anyone can install themselves in the … Read more…

10 Great Sustainable Christmas Gift Tips

5 December, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

Thinking about a sustainable Christmas gift for a family member or friend?

Here are 10 awesome sustainable Xmas gift tips that are great presents and also good for the planet starting from as little as $20.

1. A year of clean healthy water

Do you have family or friends who are carrying home heavy and expensive water bottles from the store or using an old Brita filter? Help their back, wallet and the planet with a water filter for the kitchen.

There are lots of water filter options but based on 10,000+ happy customers we know whoever you give it to will like this one.

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How many people consume bottled water globally?

29 October, 2018 Magnus leave a comment

How many people consume bottled water globally? The bottled water market globally is rapidly growing with approximate 600 million households consuming bottled water in 2018. That’s more than 100 billion gallons (391 Billion litres) of water per year or 1 million bottles per minute.

As a consequence our oceans are literary swimming in plastic. swimming in plastic trashswimming in plastic trash

And despite initiatives around the world to … Read more…

Sustainable kitchen

4 Tips for a smarter sustainable kitchen

18 July, 2018 Erik leave a comment

There are four essential things that will make a sustainable kitchen.

Food and packaging waste, water consumption, energy consumption and materials. Here are some easy and slightly harder things you can do to create a sustainable kitchen.

1. Cook energy efficient If you’re buying new, try purchasing second hand and prioritize energy efficient equipment. The best option for cooking with electricity is induction, which is 84-percent efficient, compared to the 40-percent efficiency of gas. Ceramic glass cooktops with halogen elements are a close second as both options deliver heat almost instantaneously, reducing wasted energy.

If you don’t want or need to replace the stove then invest in high-quality cookware with sturdy bottoms. Glass and ceramic are more efficient in the oven … Read more…

What are Microplastics? And 6 tips on how reduce to them

7 June, 2018 Yohann Bensadoun leave a comment

What are Microplastics?

Microplastics are small plastic pieces less than 5mm (0.2 in) long. They have been found everywhere! They are found in our oceans, our rivers, our air, but also our food, bottled water, and tap water. Due to their small size, they are easy to digest and are now the subject of a health review by the World Health Organisation.

Microplastics end up in our ocean, are eaten by marine life, which in turn are eaten by humans or larger animals. They have been found in over 94% of tap water in the USA and 72% in Europe, as well as in 93% of bottled water around the world.

Where do microplastics come from?

Microplastics come from … Read more…