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How does mineral water compare to tap water?

How does mineral water compare to tap water?

Mineral water VS tap water. Do you really know how many minerals are in your water? The normal perception is that mineral water is more mineral rich and thus healthier than tap water. But is this true? We decided to find out.

First, we took a sample of 5 water bottles and their mineral water content, including the popular Evian and San Pellegrino brands.

Note: Jump straight to the summary at the bottom to skip the details.

    How does mineral water compare to tap water?

Then we compared it to tap water in 5 cities.

Here’s a draft table showing Barcelona and New York City (Highest and Lowest fro our test).

How does mineral water compare to tap water?

Tap water can contain as many (or more) minerals than bottled mineral water. The mineral content in water varies a lot based on bottle and region. The content even varies based on the time of the year so there is a high level of uncertainty.

Scientifically we know that minerals in water are positive but the majority comes from food intake.  

TAPP uses activated carbon to filter out contaminants, letting though healthy minerals such as Magnesium and Potassium.

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