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TAPP Water partners with The Grommet to help you take the leap towards reducing plastic waste

TAPP Water is honored to be among an exclusive group of brands and products. Only 3% of all products considered by The Grommetare selected. This community launches undiscovered products and helps them succeed. A ‘Grommet’ is a product with purpose made by people with stories to help us all Buy Differently

Our mission at TAPP is to eliminate the need for bottled water and thereby one of the main sources of plastic pollution. We do this by providing easy, affordable and sustainable solutions for clean tap water. The Grommet is a perfect partner for TAPP Water in the United States.

Our TAPP 2 faucet filter is based on 4 years of research & development and consumer testing in Europe. From the start we set out to develop the world’s first point of use water filter with zero plastic residue from the filter refill cartridges. We put together an amazing team of product designers, engineers, water scientists, software developers and hardware specialists in our Barcelona based headquarters. After years of challenges, sweat and hard work we successfully launched in the summer of 2018 in Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK.

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Before approval, The Grommet has spent the past 3 months evaluating TAPP 2 to ensure that it lives up to their strict quality requirements. We are happy to say that we passed the test. US consumers will now get access to the 2nd generation of one of the most talked about consumer products in Europe in 2018. TAPP Water has already helped avoid over 10 million plastic bottles.

Still drinking bottled water?

Like us, you’ve probably already watched all the videos on Facebook and Instagram about plastic pollution in the oceans; so you don’t want to keep buying plastic bottles of water. But your tap water tastes bad and you are concerned about the health impact of drinking water straight from the tap. Giving up bottled water is a big step.

So what will it take for you to take the leap?

At TAPP Water, we believe in radical transparency so we openly share all the pros and cons about bottled, tap and filtered water. Reading the nitty gritty details in our blog {link to blog isn’t always enough to inspire people to take the leap and ditch plastic bottles. Therefore we offer you a solution with ZERO RISK: Order a TAPP 2 today and if you’re not happy with the taste or quality of the water just send it back for a full refund.

So why should you and other consumers buy TAPP 2 instead of other water filters?

Over our 4 years of development of TAPP 2, we interviewed consumers about their experience of water filters. We found that people thought of filters as either too expensive, too difficult to install, too difficult to use, ugly, or low quality. Taking this feedback to heart, we designed a water filter that is affordable, easy to install, easy to use, beautifully designed, and built with high quality materials.

What’s more: it’s the only faucet filter with biodegradable filters!

And now you don’t have to just take our word for it, you can also rely on the seal of approval from The Grommet.

Transform your tap water into Clean, Great-Tasting,
and Plastic-Free Drinking Water.

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