Advanced carbon block technology filters over 80+ contaminants including Chlorine, Microplastics, Lead, THMs, VOCs, Pesticides and many more.

Each biodegradable
TAPP 2 refill has a lifetime
of 3 months maximun.

Each biodegradable
TAPP 2 refill has a lifetime
of 3 months maximun.

Refill Cartridges

Pack x 2


Every TAPP 2 refill cartridge has a maximum lifetime of 3 months.

Refill Cartridges

Pack x 3


Every TAPP 2 refill cartridge has a maximum lifetime of 3 months.


Water all year long


Filter and refill cartridges
sent to your mail box


Hydrate with
delicious water


Replace refill cartridge
every 3 month

TAPP 2 Twist

Twist and Shout

Slick manual design. Set a reminder and Twist your way to water savings


TAPP 2 Twist Filter + 4 Refill.
Filtered water for 12 months. Save $30

$79.00 $59.00 / year and a $20.00 sign-up feeAdd to cart

TAPP 2 Click

The Connected Filter

Bluetooth technology. Check the water filter status at the Click of a button


TAPP 2 Click Filter + 4 Cartidge.
Filtered water for 12 months. Save $30

$89.00 $59.00 / year and a $30.00 sign-up feeAdd to cart

With the annual subscription for TAPP there’s no need to worry about refills and you save more money. Cancel anytime.


Why should I drink filtered tap water instead of bottled water?

Bottled water is often just filtered tap water at a higher cost per gallon than gasoline! TAPP filtered water is safe and healthy to drink. While municipal tap water in Europe and North America is subject to frequent and rigorous controls. TAPP additionally removes any contaminants as a result of the distribution such as chlorine which is often the origin of poor tasting water and lead. Filtered tap water is much more environmentally friendly than bottled water – consider the CO2 footprint of bottled water production, transportation and distribution. And last but not least, using a TAPP faucet filter is more convenient, as you will never have to carry heavy water bottles anymore.

What is TAPP 2 made out of? Why is it biodegradable?

TAPP 2 refill cartridges are entirely made out of non-toxic materials which remain inert after decomposing. The cartridges contain a high percentage of biodegradable and compostable material and can be disposed of with organic waste. Please check with your local industrial composting plant. The device itself (without the refills) is made out of highly recyclable ABS polymers.

Biodegradable content: 74%
Casing (42%) has passed ASTM D-6400 Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics
Coconut Shell (32%) breaks down into: CO2 and water

Other product: 26%
Silicon (6%) breaks down into: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water
UHMW (20%) does not biodegrade, but is inert and stable and doesn’t accumulate in marine life

What filtering system does TAPP 2 use?

TAPP 2 uses carbon-block technology made of organic coconut shells, which filters contaminants down to 2 micron.. See below for more information of what it filters.

What does TAPP 2 filter/remove?

TAPP 2 uses carbon-block technology that is very effective in removing over 80 contaminants and reducing more than 50 others while letting healthy minerals remain in the drinking water. The most important chemicals removed and vastly reduced are:
Lead and other heavy metals which can leach from old pipe infrastructure
Chlorine, which is often the cause of bad odor and taste, and its byproducts
– Volatile Organic Compounds (VoCs), such as THMs as well as PFCs identified as potentially cancerous
Cryptosporidiosis (or Crypto parasite) known to cause diarrhea

TAPP 2 will also reduce, but not remove arsenic, nitrates, chromium and pharmaceuticals. Note: Your water supplier is obliged to inform you if these chemicals are found to be above WHO, EU or EPA limits and recommendations.

How do I know TAPP 2 works?

All TAPP Water products are tested and certified according to strict standards by independent lab and NSF specifications. Check the lab results by the Itabe lab.

How to connect Bluetooth with TAPP 2 Click?

Download the MYTAPP app available for Android and iOS. If you haven’t registered, you’ll need to create an account. Add a new TAPP 2 Click filter, following the instructions (make sure your bluetooth is turned on). Now all you need to do is click the TAPP 2 Click green button at the top, and your phone will trigger a notification.

How to manually set time on TAPP 2 Twist?

TAPP 2 filters can last up to 3 months maximum. When starting to use a new filter, set the date on Twist to be: date = today + 3 month. Three months from now, when you reach that date, the visual cue will remind you to change filters.

Are the filters easy to install and use?

Yes. Installing the filter on your faucet will take less than a minute and is thoroughly explained in the bilingual instructions included in the filter box. Here is an installation video.

Will the filter fit on my faucet at home?

Yes. TAPP filters are designed to fit on most standard faucets (Metric: M22x1 or US: 55/64’’-27). In general, you will have to remove the aerator (small device at the faucet tip) from your faucet before you can screw on the filter. In any case, TAPP 2 comes with two additional adapters (Metric: M20x1 and M24x1 or US: 13/16’’-27 and 15/16’’-27). In the unlikely case that the included adapters do not do the trick, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you out. Also, if your faucet does not have an aerator, please contact us for more information at [email protected] For a more complete overview of which faucets work and a few that do not, check out our faucet catalogue on Pinterest or take our compatibility test.

What are the dimensions of the filter?

The filter’s dimensions are 11 x 13 x 7 centimetres. It weighs around 375 g.

Why is TAPP 2 better than other filters?

– TAPP 2 uses the highest quality coconut shell-based carbon-block filter, used for maximum filtering of chemicals and improvement of taste. This was selected after testing over 40 different variants and building on from our original TAPP 1 filter.
– TAPP 2 delivers more clean filtered water for the money than any pitcher, on-the-counter reverse osmosis or faucet filter available on the market today.
– TAPP 2 is the only filter with biodegradable refill cartridges.
– Customer trust and safety is always our first priority. All product claims and information about TAPP filters are based on scientific facts and testing.

How often do I need to replace the TAPP 2 filter refill cartridge?

TAPP 2 filters are tested to effectively absorb chemicals of between 1200-1500 litres of water (depending on original water quality) or 2-3 months of water usage for an average household. Filters must be replaced every 3 months to remove the risk of bacterial growth. Even if they are not used frequently as the filter will lose its adsorption capability over time if not replaced and thus no longer remove chemicals, bad taste and odor.

Why does the TAPP 2 filter cartridge need to be replaced every 2-3 months?

The lifetime of the filter cartridge depends on your water consumption as well as on the quality of the filtered tap water. In an average household of 3-4 people, the cartridge will last about three months. In order to ensure the longest possible lifespan of the cartridge, please avoid running hot (> 100ºF) or high pressure water through the cartridge/filter part of the device. Also, it is important not to use the cartridge for more than 3 months as there is a risk of bacteria accumulating inside the carbon block.

How can I check the status of my filter cartridge?

Download the MyTAPP app available for Android website or our app (available for Android and iOS). If you haven’t registered, you’ll need to create an account. Add a new TAPP 2 Click filter, following the instructions (make sure your bluetooth is turned on). Remove the plastic sleeve on the battery. Now all you need to do is click on the TAPP 2 Click green button on the lid, and your phone will trigger a notification.

How can I buy additional refill cartridges?

You can purchase refill cartridges here.

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