Save 250 euro per year and the planet with a water saving shower head!

Save 250 euro per year and the planet with a water saving shower head!

Showering is a daily ritual for most of us, a necessity for hygiene and a source of refreshment. But have you ever stopped to consider the impact of your shower on your wallet and the environment? Showering accounts for around 25-30% of the water used in the home and about 45-53% of an average annual combined energy bill is from heating the water for showers. 

The Average Shower in Europe

The average length of a shower in Europe is between 6 to 10 min. The average water consumption per shower can be estimated to be between 50 to 115 liters depending on country and water pressure (8-12 liters per minute. For the purpose of this article we consider the average shower length to be 8 minutes and water pressure 10 liters per minute resulting in 80 liters of water usage.

The Cost of Water for Showering

Taking the average above a 8-minute shower uses approximately 80 litres of water. 

The cost of water differs a lot between countries in Europe. For an accurate estimate check the cost per liter in your country and multiply with 80 liters and the number of showers you take per year.

Spain: Estimated cost of 0.184 euro per shower or 70 euro per year

UK: Estimated cost of 25p per shower or 90 GBP per yer


The Cost of Energy for Heating Up the Water

When it comes to heating up the water for your shower, the costs can add up. 

The cost will depend on the energy cost of electricity and gas in your country. Our estimate is based on a shower using 6 kWh of energy per minute for electricity and lower for gas.



Note: Annual estimates are based on one 8 min shower per day.

The Importance of Reducing Water Consumption for the Planet

It is estimated that 53 countries have severe levels of water stress (United Nations 2018). In addition, around four billion people suffer from severe water scarcity for at least one month a year (Mekonnen and Hoekstra 2016). Due to climate change, the situation is expected to worsen, with already dry regions becoming even drier (United Nations 2019). Many countries including England, France, Spain, Italy and Greece experienced serious droughts in 2023-2024.

Conserving water helps to reduce water pollution, decrease the demand for energy, and prevent climate change. It also helps to reduce water waste, which can result in better agricultural production, avoid deforestation, and ensure that there is enough water for future generations.

The EcoRain Showerhead by Tappwater

The EcoRain Showerhead by Tappwater is a game-changer. It's designed to save up to 70% of water and energy compared to a standard showerhead¹⁷. This means you can enjoy your shower knowing you're doing your part to conserve water and energy, and save money at the same time. 

Tappwaters innovative EcoRain Showerhead use the principles of fuel injection technology. Within the showerhead, water is injected into a high velocity air stream where it is broken up into 100s of droplets that are 2x bigger than a standard shower. Larger droplets yield larger momentum providing the sensation of more spray pressure, making less water feel like so much more. With more impact than a standard shower a Ecorain showerhead is also more effective at rinsing shampoo out of even the thickest of hair.


High pressure showers result in shorter showers

Not only does high pressure showers result in less water and energy usage but they actually result in shorter showers. A study at Surrey University, found that students enjoying high-pressure showers and visible timers used about 17 litres of water on average vs 61 liters for low pressure showers. They found water consumption reduced by up to 60% with higher pressure, suggesting people don't jump out of the shower after a certain length of time, but rather "stop showering when they have achieved a particular experience". The research is based on monitoring of 290 showers on the Surrey University campus, gathering data from a total of 86,421 individual showers.


Summary of the Cost Savings for Water and Energy

By switching to the EcoRain Showerhead by Tappwater, you could save up to 70% on your water and energy costs. That's a potential saving of 250 euros (300 GBP for the UK) per year for the average European household! Not only will your wallet thank you, but so will our planet.

In conclusion, every drop of water saved contributes to a healthier and more sustainable planet. Let's make every shower count!

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