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At Tappwater, we work to give you the most effective home filters with the lowest possible environmental impact. More than a filtering system, it’s a lifestyle without plastic bottles.
Quality, filtered water free from the substances your body doesn’t need!

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  • 5 Stars calification
    "Now I drink water without a thousand extra things and with an exquisite flavor"

    Cristina Pancho Flores Alicante, España
  • 5 Stars calification
    "It's amazing, I've forgotten to bring carafes home."

    Nuria Saladrigas Larroy
  • "I recently bought the glass pitcher and it has solved a lot! I was tired of relying on bottled water. It is beautiful and practical!"

    Antonio Aguilera Valero
  • 5 Stars calification
    "It is amazing to drink tap water, something unthinkable without a tapwater."

    María José Ramírez Gallego
    Barcelona, España
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Frequently asked questions

Will the filter work in the area where I live?

Our filters are suitable for filtering the tap water in wherever the public tap water is compliant with EU or local government water regulation. For water wells or private water tanks, check out Ultra by Tappwater.

Our activated carbon filtering technology removes more than 100 substances that may be present in water, including chlorine (the main cause of tap water’s unpleasant taste), microplastics, lead, nitrates, and nitrites (only measurable using specific laboratory equipment), among others.

Click here to find out the quality of the water in your postcode before and after filtering.

What advantages does it have over bottled water?

According to hundreds of studies around the world, tap water that meets the drinking water standards set by the World Health Organization (USA and European Union countries) is just as healthy as bottled water.

Furthermore, tap water costs less than 0.16 cents / litre according to Spanish consumer organisation OCU. That contrasts with bottled water, which costs 20 cents / litre or more, making it 200 times expensive (or even more, depending on the brand).

Your tap is an unlimited source of water that’s there whenever you need it — unlike bottled water. What’s more, with this filter you won’t have to buy, carry or throw away plastic bottles.

In blind taste tests, 9 out of 10 people could not taste the difference between filtered water and bottled water.

And as for the environment, plastic waste is destroying our oceans and ecosystem. Less than 10% of plastic produced globally is recycled, while the rest ends up in landfills and the natural environment.

For these five reasons, we invite you to stop drinking bottled water and start drinking filtered tap water with Tappwater.

How do I know if your water filters really work?

TAPP Water is the only water filter company with independent laboratory tests and certificates that certify the quality of the filtered water.

Find more detailed information about the proven quality of our filters here.

How do I know whether my tap is compatible?

Our filter’s thread is F22, the most common measurement. If your tap is another size, you can fill out this questionnaire to identify which adapter is compatible with your tap so that we can send you a new one for free.

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