Apple and cinnamon infused water (recipe)

Apple and cinnamon infused water (recipe)

It is apple season! Yellow, green, red… you go to the supermarket and you find apples of all shapes and colors. Well, here is the good news: apples are great for boosting your metabolism and getting rid of toxins. And there are more ways to benefit from their properties than making an apple pie our sauce: preparing your own apple infused water. And, if you add cinnamon, on top of adding extra flavor, it will help lower your blood sugar level. Please bear in mind that the ingredients take between 2 to 4 hours to properly infuse, so make sure you prepare it in advance.

Ingredients and machinery:

* Try to buy these ingredients package-free, from local producers and grown without pesticides.

Apple and cinnamon infused water step by step:

  1. Slice the apple
  2. Introduce the sliced apple and the cinnamon stick in the jar
  3. Fill with 1 liter of fresh filtered water
  4. Let the mix infuse 2-4 hours
  5. Enjoy!
Remember that you can fill the jar with water again a couple of times before discarding the apple and cinnamon. The second and third time will be less strong in flavor but still delicious! Don’t like the taste or smell of your tap water but still want to try out this recipe? Try to leave the water in another jug for a few hours before making this recipe (most of the chlorine will evaporate) or buy an affordable and easy to install water filter like TAPP 2. Now it is your time to try it out! Also read about Best water filter to buy 2020.
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